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Thursday, 17 May 2012 22:17

Toilet Paper Happy!

I had one of those moments today when I realized that Celia had wandered off and had been contentedly quiet for much too long.  So, I left the kitchen cleaning that I was doing and discovered this:

Here's another view...

I walked in on this scene and immediately said 'Celia, NO!' but instead of handling the situation immediately, I then ran around the house looking for my camera because honestly - I couldn't possibly miss these photos.  As you will note in this second photo, she is reaching for the door under the vanity - she had begun the clean-up process all by herself.

Please note that one of Celia's tiny feet is bare, and the other is wearing a shoe.  She did this herself and refused to let me either remove the shoe she was wearing, or put a shoe on her other foot. Kids are weird. 

Anyway, I proceeded (after I had taken a few photos) to instruct her to clean up the mess, and she happily began to pick up the pieces of toilet paper and throw them in the garbage under the sink.  She was also determined to close the cabinet door between each piece she threw in, which made the process longer, but hey - she was doing it!

We're in the beginning stages of trying to figure out how to discipline her.  She has begun to hit and throw random temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way which makes me think I've dropped the ball somewhere.  When it comes to making messes and cleaning up, however - I find the job of teaching easy.  Especially since I have a kid who seems to love putting 'things' inside of 'other things'. 

Sometimes I will still just put things away after she's gone down for a nap or to bed, because ultimately it's a lot faster and simpler, but often I make her clean up after herself and it seems to be paying off.   On days when I feel like I'm already turning out to be a terrible parent - things like this make me feel like 'at least I'm doing 'something' right!'.

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