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Thursday, 24 May 2012 20:15


There! I've said it! After months of calling my daughter 'Celia', I'm beginning to go crazy trying to steer away from name conversations when I LOVE talking about names!!! I was starting to get confused in real life, and was beginning to refer to her as 'Celia' in all text or online contexts.  I would send my Mom a text and she'd be like 'Who?'.  Oh yeah... only on my blog...

Also, although I've been trying to be sensitive to the fact that my kids might grow up to be highly sensitive people and not want their personal information known to the world, I have to realize that they have me for a mother.  Or maybe they have to realize that, but either way, these kids will have no secrets.

So, my daughter's name is Clara.  Clara Faith. 

And here is a bit of her 'naming' story...

Years ago, long before I was pregnant, my husband and I were randomly discussing potential baby names while lying in bed one night.  He suggested we name all of our kids after famous composers.  He is a classical music nut, and we both play the piano, so it was an amusing train of thought.  He started listing names...

Heinrich.... No.

Friedrich.... Frederyk? Freddy? Maybe...

Hans... No.

Carl... No!!! (One of those bad-people-associations)

Johann... No...

Suddenly I said "Wait?? Where are all the girls' names?"  So he continued listing...

Harriet... If you can promise me it will NEVER be shortened to Harry? So, no.

Vittoria... Not really a fan, no.

Camille... My aunt had a cat named Camille once... it was kind of crazy.



                                         I like that!

It's old-fashioned (which is cool now - Sophia, Emma, Olivia, etc.) while not being in the top 100 list (although I've met a lot of little Clara's since, so it's more popular than we thought, which is ok too).

-- How's that for geeky, Mama G? :)

Faith is an important virtue to us, and it sounded good with 'Clara' (we thought, anyway), but we have no great story for that one.

As it happened, we had initially chosen a different name for her, but immediately after she was born we switched her name to Clara Faith.  I'll tell that story in another post...

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