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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 21:16

The Cupcake Conspiracy

Okay, so despite all the craziness caused by my Dad's situation, we still had exciting news to share over the weekend.  It didn't turn out quite as well as we'd planned, but now that may Dad is back to 'normal', I'll try to pretend things with us are too.

You probably read the first part of this story, here where we had these cupcakes ordered with either pink or blue inside.  I didn't really think when I picked the cupcakes, but I liked the look of the orange one, Brian is a big fan of their Banana Monkey cupcake, or whatever it's called... the yellow one... and the pink fluffy one with a cherry on top just looked like the one Clara would probably pick if she were choosing. 

I let her choose between the three, even still.

Obviously she picked the fluffy pink one! I just want to comment here that the huge mound of pink icing on TOP of the cupcake has absolutely no bearing on what is INSIDE the cupcake, since we chose the cupcakes separately.  I probably should have ordered some non pink or blue cupcakes just for clarity, but it is what it is.

I love the look on her face here, and she somehow looks really grown up too. Mesmerized by cupcake... mmmm....

I started to unwrap her cupcake for her, but thought I started seeing a bit of icing poking through the side of the cupcake - just wanna say here it looked a little bit blue - and I got nervous and realized I wanted Clara to give away the surprise, so I put the cupcake back on her plate, half-way unwrapped.

She started poking at it. Messing with the icing a little bit.

Then she realized her fingers were all goopy, so she needed to wipe her hands off.  She's really kind of prissy, I have no idea where that comes from...

After poking around for a few minutes - Mommy was starting to go completely insane with anticipation - we asked her if she would rather have a fork to eat the cupcake with. 


After that she really tied into it!

Soon she had the entire bottom of the cupcake ripped completely off.  And the secret was revealed!

I was surprised that it wasn't actually icing inside, but a different colour of cake batter.  I'm amazed at how they were able to do this without any colour leaking through the side of the chocolate batter.

So, there it is, people! Our next baby is a...

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