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Monday, 16 July 2012 21:09

Cloth Diapering Rundown

I love that we cloth diaper! However, there are some things about it that make life a bit more difficult – especially in the early stages...

Cloth diapering involves a significant overhead – typically anywhere from $100 (if you find a great deal or use second-hand diapers) to $600 or even more if you're like me and get excited and buy all of the pretty colours you can get your hands on!

The problem with this, is that you have to buy the diapers in order to try them out – and you need anywhere from 12-36 to get started. My 'getting started' set consisted of:

  • 4 Blueberry snaps one-size pocket diapers

  • 4 Kawaii Baby aplix (velcro) one-size pocket diapers

  • 1 Rumparooz aplix one-size pocket diaper

  • 1 Rumparooz snaps one-size pocket diaper

  • 12 second-hand size small pocket diapers with no brand identification

  • 2 Blueberry wet bags – 1 small size to carry in the diaper bag, and 1 large size to use at home

  • 2 sets of 12 bamboo wipes

  • 4 sets of 6 generic baby wipes that I got at showers, etc.

We also ended up buying a few kinds of covers and pre-fold diapers, which worked ok too although covers advertize that you won't have to change them every change – you just need to change the pre-fold or insert – and we found that the covers got dirty between every change also, so we always needed more of them.

For the first month, we diapered with disposables because we wanted to make sure the meconium was out of Clara's system so we wouldn't destroy our cloth diapers.

When we started with cloth, I was so glad we had the second-hand diapers to fill out our stash, but I knew these small diapers wouldn't last us very long and we would have to get more of the one-size or a larger size of diaper. We had one consistent struggle with all of these diapers (except the second-hand ones, oddly enough) – they all leaked in the leg. I tried all sorts of cleaning regimens, but I finally decided that the biggest reason was because Clara's legs were just too tiny for these one-size diapers.

Then I learned about Charlie Banana's adjustable leg elastic, and bought a couple of those to try out. They worked incredibly well! Even at only a few months old, the elastic was able to tighten around her leg to fit perfectly without any leaks! There was even some elastic around the back waist band, which held in any leaks from the top too!

Over the next few months, I bought 14 Charlie Banana one-size snaps diapers and they have been wonderful! We still use our other pocket diapers occasionally, and now that she's older they fit her much better also.

*just a note that since I have lost my camera, none of these photos are of our own diapers, and some of the styles and colours are different from what we have.

With baby #2 on the way, and Clara not yet potty trained, we will need to buy a few more diapers to be able to keep them both covered! This time, I'm hoping to buy some newborn and small sized diapers since our biggest issue with Clara was diapers being too big. I'm thinking of getting a set of small covers and using some of the extra inserts we have accumulated, since that will be cheaper than buying all-in-ones or pocket diapers.  If anyone has any great ideas about newborn diapers - I would love to hear about it!

I always love buying new diapers! So many colours and patterns to choose from!

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