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Sunday, 23 October 2011 22:20

A Night Out!

Sometimes I feel like I'm married to a woman... Brian can be SOOO complicated :)

On Thursday night, Brian and I made a 'date' for Friday evening to do some updates on this blog.  Since he is the one who built the template, and everything, any changes I want to make I have to tell him about... the plus side here is that I have unlimited options, but that's not what I was going to get at here...

Anyway, we made this date and when I was talking to a friend of mine she offered to come in and babysit Celia while we went out to do this.  I hadn't really thought about the logistics of this - I figured we could take our laptops to a nearby coffee shop and make changes as we discussed and had coffee! Any excuse for coffee...

Sooo... on Friday I mentioned to Brian that my friend was going to come and watch Celia so we could go out.  This is kind of how the conversation went:

Me: K* is going to come watch Celia tonight so we can go for coffee and have our blog meeting.

Brian: Oh. (sounding disappointed)

Me: What?

Brian: I can't really work on your blog on my laptop... my desk at home has three monitors, and I can't really work with only one... (have I mentioned he's a computer geek?)

Me: Oh. Ok.

Brian: No, it's ok - we can just go out for coffee. (Not sounding overly excited)

Me: Don't sound so excited...

Brian: I was sort of looking forward to doing this blog thing.  I was geared up for it.  But we can go for coffee anyway...

Anyway, I ended up texting my friend and telling her she didn't need to babysit after all because Brian just wanted to stay home.  She said she would see me the next day, and that she was tired anyway.  I should probably mention that this friend lives an hour and a half away, but comes often on weekends and stays at her parents home which is only about fifteen minutes away.  She often comes out right after work on Fridays but doesn't get in until kind of late.  So, after cancelling our babysitter, I had this conversation with Brian later in the day after he got home from work:

Me: So K* isn't coming tonight after all, so we can just stay here to do blog stuff.

Brian: Oh (sounding disappointed)

Me: What???

Brian: Well, I had sort of gotten used to the idea of going out for coffee with you so I was really looking forward to that...

Me: Seriously? I'm so glad you 'got used' to the idea...

Brian: I had to switch gears! But I was excited about coffee... I thought we'd find some cool place we've never been to before.


Anyway, so I (this is kind of embarrassing) texted my friend again and said something to the effect of 'So Brian was apparently now looking forward to coffee, so for future reference, we will take you up on that babysitting offer'.  I realize this probably wasn't as subtle as I wanted it to be, but the point was to hint that I would really like for her to come and babysit after all, but to not ACTUALLY ask... because I felt dumb about changing our minds all the time...

K*: I'll be there in an hour.

Winner of the 2011 Most Awesome Friend Award.

And as if she wasn't awesome enough, when Brian and I got home that evening (after an awesome date during which we didn't mention blogs once), K* had cleaned up our kitchen and done our dishes. 

I was so humbled, I almost cried.  It's so incredible to have such great friends.

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