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Friday, 27 July 2012 09:57

My Super Power

Summer Blog Challenge Day 56 - If I could have a Super Power, what would it be?

I just realized that I am a day behind on the summer blog challenge, but the real topic for today is something I have no thoughts on at all, so here's yesterday's and I'll just skip today's.

I haven't thought much about this recently, although I think if I had a Super Power right now, it would be to stop time - then I could get all kinds of housework done, hobbies accomplished, etc. and still be able to get enough sleep, make gourmet meals and spend time with my family!  Everyone would be amazed at how much I could accomplish with seemingly zero effort! ;)

When I was a child, however, I thought about this in great detail.  Have you ever heard of the Borrowers? Or the Littles? I loved these books as a kid, and I always wanted to be about 3 inches tall.


If I could fit in someone's pocket, I could hide in tiny spaces and spy on people.  I could actually LIVE in my dollhouse, and the thought of creatively repurposing small household items for practical uses seemed like a ton of challenging fun.  That makes me sound like a nerd...

I could ride around on my cat's back (I didn't consider the idea that my cat would probably eat me...), and if I made friends with birds (because people who are less than 5 inches tall can do that) I could even fly!

I guess that's not really a Super Power, but it was what I dreamed of as a kid.  It could have been fun, anyway. :)

If YOU could have a Super Power - what would it be?

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