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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 12:06


I am a Master Procrastinator!

No really, I don't mean to brag...

I teach piano at home during the year, so from that I get summers off! I love that moment at the end of May when my last recital is cleaned up, and I'm looking at the next three months on the calendar thinking I have LOADS of time to get ready for next years' curriculum. 

This year was obviously a bit different than future years will be - my Dad won't die every June - but the month of June slipped away on me, with nothing sorted or planned, just a vague list of students who plan to return.  Then I flipped the calendar to July thinking I still had lots of time to get everything sorted, email my students and finalize (and start, I guess) my plans.

Today I looked at the calendar and realized that it is now August.


I have until the end of this month to contact my students, finalize their schedule, make my lesson plans, arrange recital times, dates and locations, update my website and communicate all of this to students and other teachers (there are a few of us who work together and help each other out). Oh yeah - and finalize arrangements with babysitters who will be watching Clara and baby while I'm teaching.

Also, because I will be having a baby halfway through the fall term, I have to make sure all of these plans accomodate that little 'blip', as well as all of the things necessary to get ready for Baby #2.

Our daughters' room needs to be rearranged, I need to find room for and pull out all of her old baby clothes for her new baby sister, as well as find places in our house for all of the furniture that will no longer fit in their room! We have begun none of this...

This upcoming weekend is my husband's grandparent's 50th Anniversary celebration, which will eat up most of our weekend.  The weekend after that is my husband's Birthday - any ideas? because I haven't planned a thing - and I would like to, at least to some degree, make it special for him.  The weekend after that we are hoping to go camping with friends, and after that we're really only left with a couple weeks to get ready for fall.


Couple that with the fact that I am pregnant (exhausted), working almost-full-time until the end of August, and my husband is also working a few extra evening jobs to help pay a few extra bills that have accumulated over the summer.

I wish I'd thought ahead a little bit better...

Anyone else freaking out about the fact that summer's ALMOST OVER??? Any ideas to help me organize my life???


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