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Tuesday, 07 August 2012 16:49

Most Wanted Skill

I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty good at a lot of things - or I'm stubborn enough to put in the time it takes to GET good at whatever I want.  Except sports, but I don't really care about them... :)

Despite this, I can't manage to keep my house clean and organized.  I can't be certain my bills will be paid on time.  I can't take prenatal vitamins - or any kind of vitamins daily - I can't even brush my teeth on a daily basis (I know, it's gross).  Some people will say that it takes 21 days, or a month, to make or break a habit - if you do something consistently for this amount of time, it will become habit.

I am incapable of making a 'habit', such as this.

And trust me, I've tried everything!

I am incapable of sticking to any sort of 'routine'.  I can force myself to remember to do something daily for awhile, but if anything pops up that throws off my thought processes, that 'thing' will be forgotten until at least a few days later when I go - 'Oh yeah, I was going to...'.  A habit, or 'routine' is never made. 

This scares me as a mother, because although I'm glad that this summer it is my husband's job to drive our daughter to her babysitters, I'm terrified that if it were up to me, I would be the parent who would accidentally forget to drop her off one day and leave her in the car.  Or, I would forget to take her entirely and leave her at home! Because of this particular flaw, I do have an extreme paranoia when it comes to checking and double checking anything that is semi-important. 

I wish - so much - that I could do something - ANYTHING - on a consistent schedule, and stick to it. 

But nope.  It's just not me.


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