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Sunday, 12 August 2012 09:59

A 'Big Girl' Bed!

This bed has now been slept in by my baby girl.  It happened so fast, but I don't think she thought so.  We were planning to babysit for some close friends who were going on a date for their anniversary.  Because they weren't sure how late they would be gone, we decided to set up enough beds for all three kids to fall asleep here before their parents got back to pick them up.

Since we have been planning to transition Clara into a 'big girl' bed at some point anyway, we thought we might as well move the toddler bed in now and let her get used to the idea. 

This is what her room used to look like.

We realized we might have a problem when we moved the bed in, and she excitedly ran into the room and lunged herself onto her new bed.  I wasn't sure she's willingly give it up - even for that night - for her friends.  Luckily for her our friends returned before the kids were in bed, and she was free to sleep in her new bed.

We offered her a choice of beds and I don't think she even glanced at her crib. I thought we'd take some time for her to get used to the crib after we moved it into her room, but she didn't need that. My daughter was more ready than I was for her to be a 'big girl'.

She fell asleep last night after her usual amount of jabbering to herself, which included a few times of getting out of bed and running around the room, but that was expected.  After she fell asleep she didn't wake up, and she didn't roll off the bed. 

Now we have completed one step of getting ready for baby, and there are now beds for two little girls in my daughters' bedroom.  I can't believe how fast time flies!

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