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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 22:32

My Favourite Baby Things

This list began as a blog post, and I realized that it was the kind of thing I would like to continue to build on.  This is for me to keep track of my favourite things when it comes to 'stuff' I use for my daughters, as well as a list for me to keep in mind when buying baby gifts for friends, etc.

So, again, here they are in no particular order...

1. Robeez Shoes.  I had heard it said that baby shoes never stay on, and I found this to be completely true.  I bought my daughter a beautiful pair of Mary Janes at PayLess once, and she had them on for maybe half an hour before losing one somewhere in the mall.  We never found the lost shoe - and I was pretty upset.  Robeez, however, seemed infallible.  They never fell off, and my daughter has yet to pull them off her feet.  Definitely worth it.

2. The Lillebaby Baby Carrier.  I was interested in the Ergo Baby Carrier, but I currently had an old Snuggli carrier that carried forward-facing, and my daughter really enjoyed being able to see where she was going.  I also wanted the option to have her facing inwards, or on my back or hip if I so desired, so I did some research to see if I could find something that had 'it all'.  The Lillebaby is what I came up with... and it works beautifully.  The bottom adjusts so it can either wrap around baby's bottom to be forward facing, or it can be folded inwards so baby can also face forward.  I should note that I've had a few other Lillebaby products, and although they are difficult to find in Canada - their customer service is excellent.

3. Sophie the Giraffe.  Everyone knows this one.  I didn't understand it's popularity until my daughter started teething and still didn't have the dexterity to hold a typical teething toy to her mouth.  She could, however, hold on to a person's finger to gnaw on it's end.  I remember the moment when I thought how I wished there was some kind of teething toy for babies that was long and narrow, and a light bulb went on over my head saying 'Ahhh... THAT's why Sophie is so popular!'.

4. 'My Breast Friend' Nursing Pillow.  Love this thing - hands-free nursing!

5. Charlie Banana Diapers.  We had a lot of trouble with leg-holes not being tight enough, and these were adjustable!

6. Of course - the Bumbo.  I was thrilled to discover I wasn't the only one with this seat on my list - my daughter loved being able to be upright and see the world.   

7. Homemade Baby Blankets!  The first blanket my daughter was wrapped in was hand stitched by my Grandma.  It was a bright, beautiful flannel with crocheted stitching along the outer edge.  She made me at least six of these blankets, and they have always been my favourites.  They are perfectly square, so they are great for swaddling.  Some are one layer of fabric, and some two.  Currently, my daughter is using one as her toddler bed 'comforter.' 

8. Sleepsacks.  Living in a part of the world that is 50% winter means cold nights.  It is absolutely not possible to NOT use a blanket, and although I usually wrapped my daughter in about 8 layers of onesies, sleepers, sleep sacks and blankets - the sleep sacks were invaluable. 

9. The Becopotty. Light, portable, easy to clean and doesn't look like a 'toy'.  I get sick of having neon and primary coloured toys lying all over the house - does that make me an awful parent?

10. Shady Baby Stroller Umbrella.  We spent a few weeks in China a few years ago, and umbrellas were used for sun not rain.  When I decided I wanted a 'sunbrella' for my daughter's stroller, it was surprisingly difficult to track down one that wasn't brand-specific to a certain type of stroller.  These Shady-Baby's are relatively cheap, and I had to pretty much double the price to get one shipped to me because Canada evidently might as well be on the moon... but I have one now, and it works great! Doesn't block out everything, but it certainly helps on really hot days!

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