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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 22:59

Toddler Bed 'Mishap' #1

My daughter is proving to be a lot like I was as a child.  My Grandma informed me that it has always taken me hours to fall asleep - even when I was a toddler.

Clara will typically 'act tired' - the typical soother-need, snuggles with her pink 'Bo' bear, and everything is suddenly a huge crisis.  She gets extremely whiny and it doesn't help that she has inherited my husband's clumsiness which means she'll trip over her own feet every 90 seconds or so - resulting in bumps and bruises, and extreme tantrumy meltdowns. 

After she is put in her crib/bed for night, however, she changes completely.  Suddenly it's party time.

When she was still sleeping in her crib, we would hear her talking to herself and to her stuffed animals for sometimes over an hour before finally falling asleep.  We suspected she wouldn't easily stay in her toddler bed after she discovered she could simply get up and run around her room, and we weren't wrong.

Now, after her bedtime routine, we say goodnight and close the door.  Then we hear the patter of tiny feet running back and forth across her bedroom floor.

Mr. Marbles?

Never mind... Seinfeld reference... I think I'm funny...

Every once in awhile she will even knock on the inside of her bedroom door, and we will say 'Clara, it's bedtime - go to sleep!'.

We haven't bothered to always look in on her either, since she has - up until now- always ended up back in her 'big girl bed.'

About an hour after she had fallen asleep tonight, I heard her start to whimper.  I looked into her room to see her lying across her bedroom floor with her head wedged underneath her bed.  I don't know how she ended up there, but now her still-sleeping self was wanting to be free again.  She didn't wake up as I tugged her head free of her bed frame and snuggled with her a moment before lying her back in her bed. 

Weirdo.  What sort of funny situations have your children gotten themselves into?

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