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Thursday, 23 August 2012 22:00

Girl Names!

I posted awhile back about my favourite names for either a girl or a boy, and now that we *know* we are having a girl (I'm still leaving the possibility open in my brain that the u/s tech was wrong... just so I'm not horrendously shocked if it IS a boy...), my list has been cut in half - and changed a bit...

I'm hoping to get a bit of input on this, but I want to be very clear - I don't need to know if you dislike any of these names...

Please DO tell me if any of the names rhyme with something dirty, or if some serial killer or psycho-celebrity shares the name, or if the initials spell something unbecoming (Our last name starts with 'L').

Also, I would like to know if you really, really, really like any of these names - which is your favourite - and why?

I actually have a pretty good idea which of these names we are going to use, but Clara's name changed at the last minute - so it's possible this baby's name could also.  Interestingly, 'Clara Faith' was the name on my previous list that everyone had said they liked best - maybe it had nothing to do with why we chose it, but maybe it did, who knows.  It was nice to know before hand that the response to her name would be good.

So, without further ado, here is our list...






I'm pretty decided on 'Grace' being her middle name, and I think I will also give her an additional middle name (Rayne) in honour of my Dad, but I think they go with any of these first names. 

Also, considering our other daughters' name is Clara - which of these names, do you think, 'go' best?

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