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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 13:08

Method-Free Potty Training!

For someone who likes to read up on parenting methodology, I've embarked on potty training with absolutely no method or real plan in mind.  Think I'll succeed? Well, eventually...

I have been saying all summer that come September - when I am finally at home with my daughter - I will start actively working on potty training.  It would be great for her to be out of diapers before the baby comes, although I'm certainly not expecting that at this point - my goal now is simply that she is out of diapers by the time her little sister needs to use the diapers Clara is currently using, which will be about 6 months from now. 

She hates being in diapers, and throws a fit every time we go to put one on her, screaming 'I have to PEE, I have to PEE!!!', which is usually not true, because we will then set her on the potty and wait for about ten seconds until she makes a break for her toys.  She really just wants to avoid the diaper itself, it seems. 

So, bravely, this morning I asked her if she wanted to try wearing panties.  She was so excited! I tried explaining to her very carefully that the rule with panties was 'only pee in the potty.'  'No peeing in your panties.'

"OK!" She grinned.

First she sat on the potty for awhile, but produced nothing.  This didn't really surprise me, since she'd just woken up and had probably already used her diaper. 

Then it was breakfast time.  Diaperless toddler sitting at the kitchen table... nervous Mommy sitting across from her. 

No accidents so far.

Then she went down to play for a little while.  Suddenly I see her crouching in the hallway saying "I Poop! I poop!" with a puddle forming below her.

I try to explain to her how it is yucky to pee on the floor...

"Yucky!!" She excitedly squeals... I don't think she's getting it.

I then explain to her that now we have to change her pants and panties because she has gotten them dirty. 

I think my biggest mistake today was letting her try again... because then I let her put on a fresh pair of panties and pants (and socks), which she wets again about 30 minutes later.

Then I tell her it's time to wear a diaper again.  This makes her sad, and she fusses and cries.  I try to explain again that if she wears panties, she can't pee in them or else she has to go back to diapers, and for a second it seems like she might understand.  Maybe she did.

Maybe we'll try again tomorrow...

I have read articles on potty training in just a few days, but it seems as though this is only ever attempted on children who are quite a bit older than Clara.  I have also read articles on letting babies go 'diaper-free' from very early, and training them young to respond to signals, etc.  I don't want to make Clara wait until she is 3 to potty train, when she so clearly wants to be free of her diapers now - and I certainly don't have the patience or ability to devote the amount of attention and time to a more vigorous method of potty training, so I guess we'll just try again tomorrow - and see how this goes!

What methods of potty training have you used? Do you have any advice for training an almost 2-year-old?

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