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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 11:24

Pom Pom Container Toy

I got this idea after browsing this weeks Toddle Along Tuesday with Growing Up Geeky.  The idea came from Mary over at A Day in the Life - check out her post on this here.

I used a cottage cheese container and decorated it with some colorful 'duck tape' that I found at Michael's the other day, and was excited to find a use for. I used sliceez cutter to cut the holes, but I think any kind of Exact-o knife, or scissors would work fine too.  I used a penny to trace the circles for the holes - they are slightly smaller than the larger of the two sizes of pom pom balls are.

I happened to have a half bag of leftover pom pom balls from some crafting Clara and I had done for my Dad's room when he was in the care home.  They weren't the best things for that kind of crafting at her age anyway, so I was excited to find another use for them - especially since she likes to just play with them as they are anyway. 

Clara didn't really pick up on this right away, but the little girl I babysit for absolutely loved it.  She poked all of the pom poms through the holes and then asked me to dump them out again for her - about thirty times, I think.  Clara became interested then, but only because her friend was, I think.  I might have to make another one for tomorrow so they don't fight!

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