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Friday, 14 September 2012 14:13

Great Inventions!

I remember years ago when my Aunt said she thought a 'tear-away' jar should exist for things like peanut butter and mayonaise. It would have a lid, but would also have layers to it that you could peel away to make the jar shorter as it got emptier.  Because seriously, how annoying is it to get mayo all over your hand when you're trying to reach into the bottom of the jar???

I don't think such a thing exists yet :)

Today I was looking over a catalogue of day-planner books.  I am so unorganized, I will write down upcoming events, etc. in one of about 8 different places and then of course forget to see that particular note until long after the event has occurred.  It's helpful that my husband is pretty good at remembering things like that...

Anyway, I just got a new phone which includes a calendar that syncs to my online calendar, which syncs to my husband's calendar and blah, blah, blah.  Basically, it's super-handy and has all sorts of bells and whistles which no paper book day-planner includes.

But it's NOT paper. I don't get to pick up a pen and write in my happy little scrawl that I have a lunch date next week, or a birthday party on Saturday, or that I need to buy 6 piano books for 5 students before next week Tuesday.  And I love doing that!  And I love leafing through the pages to see my schedule and notes... it's a comfort thing.

What I need, is a day planner that syncs to my PHONE! Haha.  Right.  Maybe it's not so far fetched, maybe it will happen.  But right now, I'll probably continue to organize my life in the most disorganized fashion possible...

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