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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 12:12

Plastic Bag Painting... I Think I Failed.

I've seen this idea all over the internet lately - stick some paint in a plastic bag, tape it to the table, and let your kid go crazy, mess free!

I think if I try this again, I'll tape a piece (or six) of white paper behind the bag, so you can't see the ugly tabletop that has been grimified by toddlers and children for almost 30 years...

Note the giantness of the plastic bag - it kind of makes the amount of paint I used look a bit dismal.  I think a smaller bag would probably be a good idea.  Also, because I taped down the three not-open edges of the bag before I put paint in, it was really difficult to sneak my hand in to dump the paint.  This would be better if the bags had been smaller, I may not have gotten so much paint smeared all over the inside of the bag.

Note to self also: prepare the bag outside of toddler view. Clara hovered so closely and couldn't keep herself from poking at the bag before I was done and I spent quite a bit of time telling her to wait, which didn't always go over well.

In the end, the girls (Clara and the little girl I babysit) spent about five minutes investigating the new table top before getting distracted elsewhere.  Maybe it's because I did it wrong, or maybe they're just too young yet? (19 and 21 months) Or, maybe they are just not into this kind of thing...

Or maybe my telling them to wait as I got it ready made the whole thing seem FAR less interesting...

Oh well, I'll make a few changes and try again in a few weeks maybe.

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