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Monday, 24 September 2012 08:38

Pregnancy Update - 35 weeks!

I can't believe I have only 5 weeks (give or take) to go!

How big is baby? According to (photo credit), she is about 5.25lbs, which is almost exactly what my last ultrasound guessed last week – I think he said 5.3lbs. She should also be about 18 inches long.

Weight gain/loss? According to my doctor, my total weight gain has been about 5lbs. Since I had initially lost 10lbs in the first half of pregnancy, it was a bit concerning but it probably had more to do with stress because my Dad died. Now that I'm gaining again, my doctor seems really excited about how healthy I seem.

Feeling? Pretty good, actually. The last few days I experienced a surge in energy that sort of took me by surprise. I was seriously hoping I wasn't 'nesting' just yet – I'm not quite ready for this baby to arrive just yet! Today I'm feeling a bit more lethargic again... time to relax a little more!

Sleep? Normally good, although the night before last I woke up at about 30-60 minute intervals for no evident reason and had trouble falling back asleep. Last night I slept much better, but still not enough to catch up.

Food cravings/aversions? Nothing specific, I just don't eat much of anything.

Movement? Less and less. I think she's running out of space in there.

What I miss? Wine...

Best moment this week? On Saturday, Brian and I had a date. Yay! We left mid-afternoon and wandered the mall and a favourite bookstore to do some Christmas window shopping for ideas – mostly for Clara, of course! And then we went to a local french restaurant that serves dishes based on food they can find locally from nearby farms and businesses. Their menu changes daily, so they don't have printed menus – they bring you a chalkboard with the menu printed on it and leave it to sit on a chair near your table until you are ready to order. Very cool atmosphere, and the food was amazing! Although having a glass or two of wine to go with it would have improved the evening... :)

Baby preparations? We went shopping with my Mom on the weekend, and she ordered a dresser for the girls' room. It's due to arrive in about two weeks – when we get it, we will have no excuse anymore, it will be time to get... Natalie's? Audrey's? Charlotte's?... clothes ready for her arrival!

What I'm looking forward to or NOT looking forward to? I'm looking forward to having a couple of weeks with Brian at home to help – although I'm NOT looking forward to the extra work we will have with TWO babies (sometimes Clara seems more like a baby than other times... but she's still pretty little!)

Next Appointment: Tomorrow??? Next week?? I should figure that out...

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