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Tuesday, 25 September 2012 18:17

Potty Training Begins... with a Method?

It felt like it fell out of the sky - a Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer sends me a link to her post on how she potty trained her son in 3 days. 

Nurse Loves Farmer

I had heard of methods like this before, and after doing a bit of research (reading a couple of online articles about it), I decided that these methods were really only for children who were old enough to talk clearly, and to pull down their jeans by themselves.

But the method she speaks of claims to work at 22 months - guaranteed.  You can read her thoughts on the process here.

Here are my struggles and questions in regards to when to potty train - or, more specifically, whether to do it before or after baby arrives:

I am due in about a month to have another baby.  So, I wonder if we should wait until after baby, or get potty training over with now.  There are a few general pros and cons to both of these. 

If we train now, Clara could revert after the baby is born (this seems to be a relatively common occurrence among older siblings who are recently potty trained), and then we would have to spend more time and energy on the process afterward anyway. 

She isn't even quite 22 months yet, so what if she's just too young? If we wait, she may have to wait longer than just a month since I will probably have my hands full for awhile and won't have the energy to pick up potty training as well.  Also, then we would have two children in diapers, and it would certainly be nice to not have to wash that many diapers...

After thinking about this a little bit more, I realized something. 

Clara is READY to potty train.  She has been using the potty since she was 8 months old for pooping - almost exclusively - so she knows what it is and what it is used for.  We have casually attempted to make her comfortable with the potty, but she seems reluctant to actually pee on it - I've decided that this is more out of frustration than anything.  She KNOWS that peeing in the potty is somehow connected to not using diapers anymore, yet every time she pees in the potty we put another diaper on her! I think she may be wondering 'What the !@$# is the point?'

After I realized that, I decided that it's probably really aggravating to her to keep her waiting.  So - it's time to begin, I suppose.

Tomorrow I will post on how we have gotten ready for this, and the plan is to start on Thursday morning.

Wish us luck!

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