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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 22:37

Getting Ready for Day 1

Yes, another potty training post.  I have been and will be consumed by this process for another couple of days at least... I'm sorry.

This evening, I lay my tired and cranky daughter down on her change table to change her diaper - for what will likely (hopefully, sadly) be the last time.  She was extremely over tired after an evening of 'big girl panties shopping' (which was entirely fruitless - evidently it's impossible to find panties for 2-year-olds) and cried the entire time, which didn't make either one of us feel particularly endeared to it, I'm sure.

Shopping also consisted of purchasing a number of 'getting ready for potty training days' items...

At the grocery store, we purchased lots of yummy snacks like Goldfish crackers (did you know you can get these in rainbow colours???), Teddy Grahams, ketchup chips (ok, those are mostly for Mommy) and Froot Loops.  Also apple juice, which is her favourite thing to drink and we want her to drink LOTS!

We also bought her a new fun 'sippy' cup (it has a straw), which was convenient because we had just recently misplaced her old one and she needed one anyway.

Then I went a little bit crazy on activity supplies. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest this week, and found a lot of great ideas.


Bubble Stuff! Seriously, Clara could watch people blow bubbles for hours and chase them around - usually this is an outdoor activity, but we'll make a special exception for her this week.

Colanders with Pipe Cleaners.  This one is so odd, but it's all over Pinterest and evidently it's a good activity to keep toddlers busy.  So... we'll see how it goes!

The pipe cleaners fit through the holes, I checked.

Then I saw this great idea where people dye macaroni with large holes in it all kinds of awesome colours and string it into jewelry, or just for a fun hand-eye coordination activity.  I had every intention of doing this, but then I saw this container of beads (with really big holes!) in it at Walmart and thought - "Hey! Then I don't HAVE to dye beads." I never said I wasn't lazy...

And then I saw this awesome idea for mess-free painting (because everything I do for the next three days has to be entertaining AND not too messy, since I will likely have to suddenly grab Clara to take her to the bathroom multiple times and having paint all over... just not a good idea).

Take paper towels, and draw with marker a simple-lined image.  Then give it to a toddler with a paintbrush and a little bit of water and let them go crazy.  In the post I saw (crap, I wish I could remember where...) the woman had her toddler in a high chair with a bit of water in the cup holder.  She had pictures of the activity, and the coloured lines bled out from where they were drawn to create a really cool image.  I'll let you know how this one works.  Here are my paper towel works of art for Clara to use.

I have a ton of other ideas, and since I'm exhausted tonight I will leave them for tomorrow.  I also have a lot of 'back-up' supplies like construction paper, glue, tape and stickers.  Hopefully I'll set up a few more things tomorrow night and maybe - just maybe - that's all I'll need.  I would LOVE to be done this by tomorrow night.  I guess that means I had better make sure I'm being really diligent tomorrow...

Then I also bought a couple of 'treats' for her that I'm not sure when I'll give her yet - we might just play with them, or pull them out at random times as a distraction or something...

My daughter loves balloons and I found these party-favour bracelets in a package of 6 for $1, and thought she'd like them also.

The house is clean (ish), her area rugs are off her bedroom floor.  Her pants drawer is full, and we have at least 2 spare fitted sheets for her bed.  Tomorrow morning I intend to launch her big fluffy Dora the Explorer blanket into the crib so I don't have to worry about it and hope she doesn't pee on any of her precious stuffies.

I have a list of things to do written on the white-board in our kitchen - for myself so I don't forget anything and stall.  It includes:

  • Blow bubbles
  • String beads
  • Play with balloons
  • Read books
  • Collanders and pipe cleaners
  • Papertowel painting
  • Lego
  • Have fun with the camera - Clara loves watching herself on video... hours of fun, really!
  • Play with a beach ball
  • Play with stickers
  • Colour on construction paper
  • Colour in a colouring book
  • Watch Super Why!
  • Play with playdough

Oh yeah.  And I made Jello :)

Wish me luck! I'm SOOO afraid!!!

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