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Saturday, 29 September 2012 20:10

Potty Training: Day 3

Today is finally over, and I'm already sorting through my thoughts and opinions on how everything has gone and what my feelings are on the '3-day-training' method.  First, I'll give you a rundown of how today has gone:

7:30am - She wakes up - DRY! Again! That's 2 nights in a row! Then she has a big pee in the potty and gets a chocolate! Then she crawls into bed with us for our weekend morning cuddle.

7:50am - We go to the kitchen and she watches Saturday morning 'Super Why' while having a drink of milk.

8:25am - Clara helps make pancakes by adding ingredients and stirring.  Brian 'accidentally' dumps in almost an entire bag of chocolate chips. Yeah... oops.

8:35am - Brian pulls out the pipe cleaners and colander and Clara shows him how to play with these, while I start cooking the pancakes.

8:45am - A breakfast of VERY chocolatey pancakes...

9:20am - Clara spends a ton of time on Brian's lap reading a book about animals and playing 'Where's the ???' (Insert random animal name).  Clara would search for a few seconds and then exclaim 'Bight Dere!' (Right there!). Then Brian leaves to shower and Clara and I play with trucks and lego, and spend some time cuddling while watching videos of Clara on my phone - it's really weird how much she loves doing this...

During the next while, I try to prompt her by saying 'Mommy needs to pee' and having her follow me, but it's typically ineffective.  The longer she goes without peeing, the more nervous I get.

10:50am - An almost success - she pees in the potty, but has to change her panties which have gotten a bit wet. No puddles on the floor, though.

11:00am - snack of Jello and Teddy Grahams. This gives Clara energy, so she starts running up and down the hallway chasing Brian back and forth.  It's nearly naptime for Clara, so I decide to change her bedsheets (it occurs to me as I'm doing this that it would be just so ironic if NOW was when she decided to actually pee in her bed...

11:30am - Naptime. Well, we thought it was naptime...

11:55am - We hear an 'Uh oh... poop' sound coming from her room but we second-guess what we hear and wait a few seconds until she starts whimpering again.  By the time we get in there, her bedsheets and two stuffies are wet.   Panties #3 for the day.

12:20pm - We hear "All Done' coming from her bedroom.  Brian walks in to discover that Clara has put on a new pair of panties - over her other pair - all by herself, and is standing there proudly.  Shortly after this she announces she has to pee, and successfully goes in the potty with no leaking! It was about this time that we gave up on naptime, and decided to go ahead and make lunch. 

1:30pm - Naptime - this time for real! She pees on the potty before she goes for a nap.

I take this time to run out to a nearby fabric store to buy some waterproof fabric.  My idea is to make a few waterproof 'blankets', just the right size to stick underneath her if we're somewhere we need to protect, like on chairs at someone else's house or church... I bought some PUL fabric and fleece - and wow, this stuff is expensive! No wonder cloth diapers can be so pricy...

3:30pm - Wakes up, and has playtime with Brian.  She pulls out some beads and string that I bought for her, and teaches him how to do this.  I hear a bit of grumbling about 'What is the point of this?' and 'Why would anyone do this for fun?', but for the most part he's agreeable :) My husband likes Pinterest, but I suppose he's not THAT feminine...

After supper, about 7pm, I go for a bath and Brian starts playing the guitar.  I was secretly wondering why he would do this when he was supposed to be watching her, but I kept reminding myself how much I had let my guard down over the last 36 hours and really couldn't blame him.  Suddenly Clara is standing next to the bathroom door (which was closed, and shouldn't have been) and has a large accident.  Brian runs over, apologizing to her repeatedly, but she doesn't seem too stressed about it.

7:30pm - Brian is running her bath, while I am getting dressed after mine, and suddenly discovers that her bed is soaked.  Neither of us noticed it happen, and she wasn't out of our sight for more than a few seconds, so this one was confusing.  We are both certain she didn't comment on it at all, so I have no idea what really happened.  She - again - didn't seem too stressed about it, which makes me wonder if we're moving backwards somehow.  I guess we'll see.

8:00pm - shortly after Clara has been put down for bed, she says she has to pee.  This is a typical stalling tactic of hers, but she has had a lot to drink later in the day, so we give her the benefit of the doubt.  Good thing, too, because she pees!

Maybe she's getting this after all...?

I'm still processing my thoughts on this, but I plan to post my thoughts and feelings about this tomorrow sometime - including an overview of our successes and failures from the past few days.  I will keep you posted...

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