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Saturday, 06 October 2012 08:00

A Little Bit Crafty...

Here are a couple of crafty activities we've done in the past two days...

Yesterday, while I was babysitting, we created Thanksgiving Turkeys (Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada).  I wanted to do something with the little girl I babysit that she could bring home with her.  All I needed was disposable plates (all I could find were styrofoam, but I think paper would have been better), tissue paper squares, glue and construction paper.

I gave each girl a plate, and spread a bit of glue on each and showed them how to put the squares of tissue paper on the glue.  One girl played with the glue, and the other crumpled up large amounts of tissue paper and threw it onto the plate.  In the end, I probably did most of the 'sticking'.

Then I made turkey faces and put these on the plates myself.  The girls had already lost interest by this point anyway.  And voila! I thought they were cute...

This morning when Clara got out of bed, she found a craft box set that I had purchased a few weeks earlier at Michael's (thank you, Michael's for having all of the pre-made craft kids for various projects...) that includes a bunch of foam snowmen and foam stickers for giving each snowman hats and scarves, etc.  I hadn't intended to pull this particular craft out until after Halloween, but she found it and thought it looked intriguing.  It also came with about 40 snowmen, so I figured we could make them weekly until Christmas if we wanted to...

Another craft that I did most of, but Clara enjoyed picking the colours of hat, scarf and mitts - and she placed the candy 'buttons' on their bodies.  She was also pretty proud of them and announced to me often throughout the day that they were her 'No-men'.  And she bragged to Daddy when he got home.

I'm excited to have a crafty kid.

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