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Friday, 19 October 2012 21:00

Potty Training Update - 3 Weeks Later

This morning I heard Clara talking in her sleep - I heard something about Froot Loops, and then something about my younger cousin, who she refers to as 'Big Guy' (he's over 6 and a half feet tall), having gone home.  When I walked into her room, I discovered she was still sleeping, but realized also that she had wet the bed and evidently had not noticed it yet.

I gently rubbed her back as I spoke to her to wake her up, saying 'Clara, you're wet!'.  She groggily lifted her arm and touched herself in the bum. As she realized it was true, she began to cry.  It was hilarious and adorable, because obviously she was stressed about having wet herself but hadn't noticed it happen.

This is still an occasional occurrence.  After the first few days of potty training when Clara didn't pee in her bed at all, the first bed wetting came as a surprise to us. Now we know she has good days and bad days, or even just a 'bad' few hours amongst a few straight 'good' days. 

When we started this potty training, knowing we were saying 'Goodbye!' to diapers for good, we were determined to not go back to them for any reason - and we've stuck to that.  We have had to clean up messes here and there, but we know it would be worse for us (and Clara) if we confused her by putting her back into diapers. 

If anyone asks, I still say she's 'mostly' potty trained, but also say that we are entirely done with diapers.  She has had accidents at home - on the floor and in her bed.  One day, we moved a new dresser into her bedroom - which she will share with her baby sister - and when we opened a giant space in the corner of the room, she excitedly ran back and forth until she peed herself in the corner... just like a puppy.  Her night-time accidents probably average once or twice a week, and her random throughout the day accidents often cluster themselves into one afternoon every few days - we assume she is paying less attention now, and maybe getting cocky or just distracted. 

She has never yet peed in the car, or when we have been 'out' - either shopping at the mall, or at the park.  One day, while we were shopping, she announced to Brian that she had to pee and started trotting off down the mall (I can't imagine she had any idea where she was going), and Brian eventually found a bathroom in the direction she had headed and by the time she arrived there, her panties were still completely dry and she certainly had to pee! We were really proud of her!

So that's my update for now - still cleaning up messes occasionally, and certainly more than I'd like (none would be ideal).  I'm struggling more to remain patient when she has an accident (shouldn't she know by now?!?!), but so far I'm holding it together pretty well.  Especially on nights like last night when she wakes up wet and seems more disappointed in herself than I am - then I know she's doing ok.

I would still definitely recommend the 3-day method, but it's not 'quick and easy' like it might seem - I didn't put the amount of focus into it that I should have, and it affected the results I'm sure.  I also completely believe that Clara needed to be 'done' with diapers - it was time for her, whether it was time for us or not.

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