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Sunday, 28 October 2012 22:41

40 Week Update - NOT PREGNANT!!!

And an excited big sister...

How far along? Would be 40 weeks – 3 days post-partum

How big is baby? 7 pounds and 2 ounces today – she was born at 7 pounds and 9 ounces, and I'm told this amount of weight loss is actually not much and a really good sign!

Weight gain/loss? I left the hospital weight EXACTLY what I weighed going in.

Feeling: Amazing!!! Maybe it's just because my post-partum was physically so difficult with Clara that comparatively this one is so much better – either way, I feel incredible!

The only complaint I have are the nursing cramps. I don't remember these with Clara, but luckily the nurse at the hospital reminded me that nursing can cause considerable cramping as the uterus tightens itself up after birth. She also let me know that it often gets worse with each baby. I've noticed they sometimes seem to pop up just when I'm looking at Audrey – or thinking about her! And they are really uncomfortable! They are probably bothering me more than my stitches...

Maternity clothes? I'll probably wear maternity clothes for awhile – I didn't have a lot that fit me before getting pregnant so I'll have to go shopping, and I don't want to buy too much until I know what size to buy...

Sleep: Getting lots! My baby is a sleeper!

What I miss? About being pregnant? Right now – not a thing! I'm glad to be done!

Best moment this week: Having a squirming, crying, slimy, vernix-covered baby lying on my chest.

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