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Monday, 29 October 2012 21:31

Clara's Christmas Wishlist 2012

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I am so excited for this Christmas.  It will be the first year that Clara really 'gets' what is going on (well, better than last year, anyway...) and unlike the year Clara was born (her birthday is December 11), I will be fully recovered from Audrey's birth and will be able to relax and enjoy our time as a family. 

I have so many ideas for Clara this year, and since her birthday was also a year ago, it has been a long time since her toys have been updated - and she could use a lot of more 'age appropriate' stuff for her.  Here are some of our thoughts...

1. The Mary Poppins and Sound of Music Movie Soundtracks. Clara is in love with these movies lately - especially the music in them, and it would be nice to have something for her to listen to in the car that doesn't drive us crazy :)


2. Play Kitchen. Luckily for us, we don't have to purchase this.  Brian's crafty Mom has elected to turn an old TV stand from his Grandparents into part of a play kitchen.  I think the shape of the stand is something like the one in this photo, although I'm not certain.  I don't know at the moment what her exact plans are - I'm sure the colour scheme will be pink :), but I'm excited for the girls to have a custom made heirloom like this!

3. Melissa & Doug Shopping cart - there are a lot of toy shopping carts, but this one is my favourite. My in-laws have a plastic shopping cart and she loves pushing it around with random items in it. 

4. Melissa & Doug play food - to go with the kitchen set and shopping cart! No specific plans for which sets to get, but I think we'll go with the 'hard' sets, like wooden and plastic instead of felt.  Just because we have a cat, and cat hair sticks to felt and would be harder to keep clean and 'nice looking'...

5. Hello Kitty Bath Robe from Sears. Clara is in love with her last bath robe, which she still puts on occasionally, but the size on it is 12 months, and it's getting harder to pretend it fits her... It seems hard to find bath robes for toddlers, but I finally found a few at Sears and picked up this one to give her for Christmas. We also plan to get a pair of slippers for her to go with the robe.

6. Toy Tea Set. Glass is a little old for Clara at this point, but tin seems like a nice alternative - maybe a bit more special than plastic too.  I found this one just now at Magic Cabin, and thought it was adorable. I might have to order it soon...

7. Calico Critters 'Stuff'.  I credit Melissa at Growing Up Geeky for introducing me to this line of toys.  I have a dollhouse that my Dad built for me when I was a child, and we were never able to find dolls or furniture that fit into it (it's too small for Barbies), but these Critters look just a little smaller than perfect.  This year my dollhouse won't be ready for Christmas, and is probably a bit too 'old' for Clara yet anyway, but by the time it's ready - I would like to have some sort of dolls/accessories for Clara to use in it.  


A few of our other thoughts include some sort of Lego Duplo set, Hot Wheels cars and maybe some sort of track set (although she enjoys 'driving' her trucks through the house on the walls, etc.), a set of toy airplanes (she joined 'the boys' at church one day as they were playing with toy airplanes and she LOVED them!). 

I think I'd also like to get her some sort of tiny wallet to fit into her purse, and get her a gift card for the mall - she loves shopping, and she would be thrilled to have her own 'money' to shop with.  Too young for this? Maybe, but I think she'd love it... and so would I :)

What are your gift ideas for your kids this year?



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