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Saturday, 10 November 2012 20:40

Snow Day Activity - Setting Up The Christmas Tree!

We woke up this morning to over a foot of snow covering our neighborhood, and so we decided to hide out inside for the day.  I was hoping to get our Christmas decorations up sometime during Brian's holidays (which, sadly, end this upcoming Monday) and we were running out of time.So today we set up our Christmas decorations!

Setting up a tree with a toddler can be trying.  One decoration was broken... by me, not the toddler.

I had been doing some research on how to toddler-proof a Christmas tree, and here are a few of the things we did.

  • No garland - besides the fact that it could, I suppose, be a choking hazard - we have used the beaded garland in the past which is impossible to 'fix' if it is pulled on unless you completely unstring it and string it back on... I re strung that garland about 4 times the year we first got our cat, and I didn't want to do that again...
  • No breakable decorations in Clara's reach.  It would have been nice to eliminate all breakable decorations entirely, but most of our decorations are breakable - and all of my favourite decorations as well, so I didn't want to simply not use them for the next decade.  So everything breakable is on the top half of the tree.
  • Bells! I read this on a blog or something somewhere - I really wish I could remember where, because then I could credit my source - if you know where I got this (or if it was your idea), please let me know! We were in Sears the other day, and saw a set of colourful jingle bells to hang on the Christmas tree, and I remembered what I had read - the blog had suggested hanging bells on your Christmas tree because although it wouldn't keep toddlers away from the tree, it would alert you to the fact that your child is playing with the Christmas tree.  This has already come in handy for us!

We let Clara put all of the non-breakable ornaments on the tree, which she really enjoyed.  Brian put on a few Christmas cd's, and we drank some egg nog.  If we had known ahead of time that we would be snowed in today, we would have bought ingredients for cider and maybe some nuts and chocolate to snack on.

Note the uneven distribution of ornaments on the tree... I wanted to redistribute them, but Brian convinced me not to.  It sort of bothers my slight amount of OCD...

Really looking forward to this holiday season!!!

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