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Tuesday, 13 November 2012 08:22

Christmas List for Myself 2012

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is on Christmas Wishlists for Yourself!  This post stumped me a little bit, because my life has become so focused on other people (two little girls named Clara and Audrey to be specific).  It has been years since I've thought about things that I 'wanted', because having so much change in just a few short years has meant that there has been an accumulation of 'needs' that we haven't been able to keep up with.

When I became pregnant with Clara, my wardrobe suddenly needed to keep up with a growing belly and then, when I was no longer pregnant, although I lost all of the 'extra' weight within a few months, I was a completely different shape and so none of my previous clothes fit me anymore.  Then I got pregnant again - this pregnancy was better, because I already had a set of maternity clothes that I liked and only had to build on that. 

Now, I am a full 2 kg lighter than I was before I became pregnant with Audrey, so I'm assuming that I will again be in a position where none of my previous clothes fit me.  I am completely ok with this, especially since there are a few items in my wardrobe that I have kept for years hoping I would fit into them again... and it just might happen!

Anyway, on the top of my Christmas list for this year is:

1. Clothes, clothes, CLOTHES!!!

2. A New Purse - not necessarily this one - please give me ideas! I am constantly changing what I want in an everyday purse. I would love to have 3-4 purses that I like for different styles and types of outings, but at the moment I have enough time tracking down the one purse I do have to go out, so just one versatile purse would be great. My last 'purse' was actually just a big cloth shopping bag with an adjustable shoulder strap (I was going for large size and functionality), and the purse I had before that I had ditched because it was too small... Does anyone have a great purse recommendation for a Mom who has a tendency to carry too much with her, but kind of wants to change that? Also, I want one I can carry along with a diaper bag and not feel like I'm carrying too many bags. Would love some ideas here...

3. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - I have wanted one of these for awhile, but since both my husband and I spend a lot of time in our kitchen cooking, and I love to bake, we aren't willing to go with the 'bottom rung' on this one.  Brian has convinced me that we need as high as possible horse power in order to make sure we can handle any bread dough's, etc. that I might want to mix with it. 

4. Kitchen Aid Blender - this is another thing I evidently need to be 'heavy duty'. I think my husband and I have had 3-4 blenders in the time we've been married (and all of these were in the first few years, because we haven't had one in at least 3... except the Baby Bullet which toasted out on us after a year of use also), and I'll need some kind of blender for baby food when we get to that stage again in a few months. I guess I'm hard on blenders...

5. A Sony E-Reader. I currently have a Kobo, which is ridiculously short on battery life - I get somewhere around 200-300 pages, or about 72 hours, whichever comes first (as in, if I don't read a page but leave it sitting for three days, the battery will be dead... they're not even supposed to do that!).  I have actually had three Kobo's up until now - I returned the first two for bad battery life also (I figured the second was just a coincidence), and if I could figure out what could possibly be causing it I would assume it was something I was doing because I have never heard of anyone else having the same problem with Kobo.  So, I plan to give up on Kobo and would like the latest (NOT touch screen) Sony E-reader.  Does the touch screen make anyone else cranky? I loved my buttons, because you could nurse a baby with one arm and hold your e-reader in the other and still switch pages - it seems to me that with a touch screen it would be harder to hold and still switch pages... has anyone else tried this? Anyway, so I want one that does NOT have a touch screen...

That's all for now... it actually took me quite awhile to come up with these ideas, and I had to sort through all of the ideas that were less for me than for my daughters (like new bookshelves for their books, or kitchen utensils for kids to use in the kitchen).  What do you want for Christmas?

I'm sure I'll be checking the other link ups with Toddle Along Tuesday on Growing Up Geeky for more ideas! :)

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