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Thursday, 01 December 2011 22:04

Celia's Mittens

I'm a pretty meticulous cookie decorator, so I had a bit of difficulty deciding what kind of cookies Celia should decorate - because of course, I still wanted them to look good :) Snowflakes have to have a snowflake pattern - really, they HAVE TO! And if you just smeared icing all over a gingerbread man, snowman, santa or any other living thing it might just look dead... And candy canes have to have stripes...

So, what can look blotchy and multicolored and still be potentially accurate...?

Looking through my cookie cutters, I found a mitten!  So I iced them initially with white icing and let that dry.  Then, I gave Celia a paint brush and a little pot of blue icing, and this is sort of how it went.

Using skills developed on the Buddha Board...

She usually hit the cookies.  Sometimes her mouth...

She even knew how to dip the brush to get more icing!

Obviously my daughter is a genius ;P

I forgot to take pictures of the finished cookies and now they're buried in the deep freeze.  We did this with blue, pink and purple icing, letting each layer dry in between.  Ok, I did some of them myself - she got pretty tired after awhile, and after she discovered how yummy icing was it was hard to keep the brush out of her mouth.

I think we will make 'Celia's Mittens' an annual tradition.

Here is a picture of the finished product - they were in the freezer for awhile, so they look a little more blotchy than they did at first.  I forgot to take pictures of painting the pink or purple icing.

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