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Thursday, 22 November 2012 10:12

Felt Christmas Tree

I've been scouting out activities for toddlers lately, as well as great ideas for Christmas and I saw (on Pinterest, of course) a number of people who had created felt Christmas trees and ornaments for their little ones to play with.  When I went shopping for large sheets of felt, I speculated that I wasn't the first person to have this idea, because all of the packages of red and green felt were all sold out.

So, I made a white one.

And - because I have girls, and it goes with white - picked some relatively girly colours for ornaments. 

Initially, I stuck the tree to the wall with those Scotch reusable clear squares, which worked ok until a toddler pulled even slightly on the tree - which happened pretty quickly.  Then, thinking this would just help to reinforce the adhesion to the wall, I put three thumb tacks into the tree (through the Scotch tabs) at the top and bottom corners of the tree.

This lasted about 4 minutes, and I had to have a tack-hunt in Clara's bedroom. Fail.

Then Brian went out for a better solution - he bought a set of 3 3M picture hanging tabs.  They work kind of like velcro, you stick one part of the tab to the wall and the other to whatever you are hanging and they velcro together.  They stuck great that evening, and overnight, but the next day when there were TWO toddlers pulling on it, it came right off the wall.  Somehow the tabs stopped sticking to either the felt, OR the wall, and these two brilliant toddlers had no trouble pulling the 'velcro' apart either. 

So, I need advice.  We have regular painted gyprock (or whatever it's called) walls, and I don't really want to spend a fortune on sticky stuff, or put too many holes in the wall since it's a temporary toy... although if we found a good solution it's cheap enough to make something else for her to play with for the rest of the year - the materials only cost about $13!

How can I make the tree stick to the wall???

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