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Saturday, 08 December 2012 20:02

Our Quotable Clara

In the last few months, Clara has gone from stringing a few words together to no sentence being too long for her.  She now says just about anything, and for the most part can communicate anything she needs to.  She still frustrates us with 'I want that' - What, Clara, WHAT??? - but other than a few things like that she actually has a pretty incredible vocabulary for a little girl who isn't yet two.  I think. But she's my daughter so I might just think she's awesome because I'm supposed to :)

In the process of potty training, we began to give her a chocolate chip every time she successfully peed in the potty.  One day she looked up at us and said "I have TWO chocolates???" (Note that in almost every Clara sentence, there is a dirty slide that ends in an inhumanly high-pitched note - I will capitalize the words that she does this to).  We just thought that this was so adorable, so that day she got 'TWO chocolates!'.  The next day it happened again, and from that day forward her chocolate intake doubled.  A few weeks ago, I made some Christmas chocolates out of white and red chocolate candy wafers (making pink chocolates), so I started giving her small pieces of this instead of her chocolate chips. I know - way to make peeing even more exciting...   Last night - she got out of bed - twice - saying she had to pee.  We almost always indulge this, because we really don't want to deal with the effects of being wrong if we call her bluff.  She's usually bluffing... Anyway, the first time she gets out of bed chattering... it sounded like this:

"I have to pee!... Don't pee your PANTS.... Don't pee your PANTIES.... I get a CHOCOLATE... I get TWO chocolates!!... I want a pink one"  I didn't say a word through this entire little conversation, but I was just about peeing myself laughing by the end of it.  Her statement about wanting a pink one was said with a deathly serious face.

Lately Clara has been watching a LOT of TV - Mary Poppins, to be precise. This is a picture of the 'dance floor' I built in the hallway, and this is Clara dancing back and forth on it singing along to some Mary Poppins song or another.  Probably 'Step in Time.  We repeatedly hear her singing 'Chim-chimeny' which actually sounds like 'Doo-doo-me!' when Clara says it, or 'Stay Awake' which Clara actually knows more of the words to than I do...

Randomly she'll also up and say 'Snap! The job's a game!' or 'Spit spot!' - both quotes from Mary Poppins.

Lately Clara is very concerned about comparing what she is doing to what everyone else is doing.  If she is eating, she wants everyone else to be eating too.  We will have a conversation that sounds a little bit like this:

Clara: "I EATING!"       

Mommy or Daddy: "Yes, you are eating."

Clara: "Mommy (or Daddy) eating TOO?"

Mommy or Daddy: "Yes, Mommy is eating too..."

Clara: "Everybody eating!" (which sounds more like 'elly-body eating!' when she says it).

Clara has also gotten very possessive about 'her' things, and very concerned with which things are hers, and which belong to other people.  She will pick up random objects she knows belong to us and present them to us throughout the day as if we always have to have every item that belongs to us on our person at all times. "Thank you, Clara, I don't need a breast pad right now..."

She will say 'That's MINE' very sternly about everything that is hers, and everything she thinks is hers.  She has also decided lately to be very possessive about people.  She will say 'That's MY Daddy' or 'That's MY Mommy' or 'That's MY Audrey'.  She's not trying to keep anyone else away from these people, she just makes these statements.

This picture was taken when she elected to have a nap in the middle of the day, but she only ever wants to nap if it's her idea.  Most of the time she says 'I don't want to nap!' And she says each of these five little words very clearly - I don't want to nap! The adorable thing about this, is that she will wake up after a nap, or in the morning saying 'I don't want to nap' or 'I don't like a nap' as if she doesn't realize she has already slept...

She will sigh exasperatedly and say 'Oh, Audrey' whenever Audrey cries.

She will exclaim that 'Audrey's CRYING!' when Audrey cries - except when Clara says it, it sounds like 'Audrey's DYING!', which is pretty funny... I usually respond with 'she thinks she is!'

When she has choices (or thinks she has choices) about anything, she will declare 'I don't like that one!' about any choice that isn't her favourite at that moment. It sounds a bit more like 'I don't wike dat bun!'

She will get pretty stressed if she has accidents and her panties get wet, but she has to announce the state of her panties and pants regardless. "Panties are WET! Pants are OK!" This is if she has a small drop of pee on her panties but her pants are still dry.

This is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to journal my kids' childhoods - the crazy things they say.  I'm looking forward to sharing these things with them (because I wouldn't have remembered them otherwise, I know that!) when they are older, and comparing the things each girl says.  So far maybe Clara says things that 'all kids say', but I wouldn't know because I only know her. 

What crazy things do your kids say?

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