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Monday, 10 December 2012 20:00

Christmas Traditions - Part 3: What We've Done So Far

I process information by writing.  This year I have spent a lot of time thinking about and processing my thoughts on Christmas traditions including Determining Our Priorities, and thinking about the Christmas Traditions We Grew Up With.  

Here are some of the things we've done so far - things I would love to see become traditions.

Setting Up The Christmas Tree

This year, we set up the Christmas tree during the first week in November. Just to note, in Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated in October, so after Halloween on October 31, Christmas is the next thing to decorate for. I'm a fan of enjoying Christmas decorations, because I'm kind of obsessed with white mini-lights for as long as possible and I find Christmas decorations a bit depressing in January which pretty much requires me to set up my tree as early as possible.

The day we set up the tree is typically the first day we put in Christmas CD's - we have a lot of these. We clean the house and reorganize the furniture to make room for the tree.  Then we dig out all the decoration boxes from under the stairs and 'deck the hall' as it were.  We have at times included 'Christmas-y' drinks, Christmas (Mandarin) oranges, cookies and chocolates in this day, and plan to make an even bigger deal out of the 'tree day' in the future when both girls become more interested and able to help with everything.

Christmas Movies

We are both pretty big Movie 'buffs', and have had a few movies that we almost always watched around the holidays.  For years, we watched 'The Family Man' every Christmas, and then started watching 'Love Actually' around the holidays as well.  These movies are both too old for kids, but we look forward to choosing a few holiday classics to watch every year with them, and expanding that list as they get older.  This year we watched 'A Muppet's Christmas Carol' with Clara, and a few nights ago (after Clara was in bed) we watched Gremlins. Christmas classic! :)

Taking Pictures

Brian has spent a great deal of time playing with photography equipment, and takes a pretty good amateur photo.  Last year, when Clara was dressed in her Birthday dress, he took a few shots of her at the piano and next to the Christmas tree.  They turned out beautifully.

This year, I decided I wanted to make this a 'tradition', and we set both girls up for a few shots at the piano and next to the tree again.

Yes, they're wearing matching dresses...

Then it became silly, but that's ok :)

Seriously, this is what she does if you ask her to smile... so funny!

Christmas Eve Church Service

As I talked about in my 'Priorities' blog post, we decided a few years ago to make the Christmas Eve service at our church our first priority.  Regardless of where we are on Christmas Eve, we will be heading to church for about 7pm to join our church family for the evening.


When my husband and I were married, I knew that filling stockings wasn't something he had a lot of experience with from his childhood.  I gave him a list of instructions for filling a stocking.  They began like this...

1. There must ALWAYS be an orange in the toe of a stocking. Or else the stocking could malfunction and eat all of the chocolate.

2. There MUST be chocolate...

The rest of my stocking list (it's mostly a list of ideas) can be found here.  I've added to it over the years...


I almost forgot about baking, because I haven't done ANY baking this year.  That makes me sad... In the past, I have done a TON of baking and 'Wowed' everyone at Christmas gatherings by my fun and intricate cookies and treats.  I probably won't be doing any 'Wowing' this year... maybe next year...

That's our list so far - later in the week, I'm planning a post on all of the great Christmas ideas I've come across and hope to possibly include in our own traditions as the years go by.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? What traditions would you like to 'make your own'?

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