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Friday, 14 December 2012 14:03

A Toddler-Free Weekend!

Brian's parents have offered to take Clara for an entire weekend.  I think they are hoping to start a Christmas tradition for themselves to have time to do Christmas-y things like bake and decorate cookies with her, etc.  The reason they gave us was to give us a chance to get some Christmas shopping done, which is definitely more complicated with a toddler AND an infant in tow.

Shopping with Clara has always been pretty ok - when she was younger, we just had to stop to BF occasionally, and as she got older and started enjoying shopping it became a fun activity to do with her.  Now that we have to stop to BF inevitably every time we go shopping, and Clara is only so good at staying interested in shopping - not good enough to take a 30 minute break so her sister can eat - it's much harder to actually get anything accomplished.  Especially since we're really bad at planning and our Christmas shopping usually amounts to aimlessly wandering through malls asking each other these questions:

Who do we need to buy for again?

Which family gathering do we need that for?

Didn't you want to make them something?

What did we already order online? Did we actually order that, or did we just talk about ordering that? If we order it now, will it still come for Christmas... no... ok, what should we get instead?

Who do we need to buy for again?

Isn't that what we got him last year?

Do you think we have enough for Clara's stocking yet?

Go away! I want to get you something...

Do you want another Starbucks?

Who do we need to buy for again?

Now do we have enough for Clara's stocking???

Crap, we forgot about Audrey (as will be inevitable this year, or it will be someone else, it always happens - not that we don't love y'all, there are just too many people to remember!)

So today at about 5pm, my Mother-in-law is taking my daughter for a fun-filled weekend at Nana and Grandpa's and we get to have a weekend with only one child again.  I love my daughter dearly, so I feel a little bit guilty about being so excited about this.  I keep thinking about the possibilities - sleeping in past 8!!! We are going out for supper tonight and we won't have to worry about a toddler tantrum!!

Unfortunately this weekend is also the week of my piano recital, so I technically have to 'work' on Saturday.  That should be over by 3ish, though, and then it's Christmas shopping for us! I decided a few years ago (when I worked in retail) that it was a hilarious sort of irony that people would get so stressed over Christmas shopping - a time of year that was supposed to be 'the happiest'.  The only way to not let other people's moods get to me (because working in retail, often these people would take out their anger on me) was to secretly find it comical.  Ha! That woman just punched another person over a TOY!!! They're yelling 'It's Mine!', 'No, MINE!'  Really??? I hope I'm never one of those women, but the things we do for our children sometimes... Anyway, so I don't mind the crowds at Christmas, because I find them kind of funny.  Also, we spent a few weeks in Asia a few years ago as well where it was busier than Christmas shopping EVERYWHERE, and all the time, so Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve suddenly didn't seem that busy anymore in comparison.

Anyway, I'm excited, and I hope that doesn't make me a negligent mother.  I'll be toddler-free!!!


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