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Friday, 21 December 2012 14:23

Decorating the Christmas Tree

I just posted my Massive Christmas Ideas list on my lists page. Lately I've run across a few posts my Moms who say that having a long 'to do' list at Christmas time only stresses them out more.  I understand how that could happen, but I am not one of those people.  Lists keep me going, and although I always try to get everything done, I'm ok with it if I don't.  And in the meantime, I think I find it happily distracting!

If you happen to be one of those people who is more stressed out by lists, I would advise not reading mine... :)

Here are some of my notes (and photos, of course!) about some traditions we've begun and would like to continue surrounding decorating the Christmas tree.

First, I have no rule about any time being 'too early' to set up the Christmas tree.  If the mood hits, I'd like to just jump in full force, however, I understand most would call me crazy for that, and Christmas decorations SHOULD be special for Christmas, so I tell myself no earlier than November 1st. And absolutely no later than halfway through November...  Just a note that in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, so after Halloween, the next holiday is Christmas. 

Brian and I typically don't plan this ahead, but in the future we will have to. We will pick a day to decorate the tree so that we can have hot apple cider, a box of chocolates and Christmas oranges ready to snack on. We will listen to Christmas music - possibly even on vinyl, provided we are still set up for it, and pull out all of our decorations.

A friend of mine told me about her plans to purchase a Christmas tree ornament for each of her kids each year so that by the time they move out, they already have at least 18-20 ornaments to put on their own Christmas trees. I loved this idea, and have so far done the same thing.  I bought them late this year, but it would be a fun tradition to have these ornaments wrapped for the kids to open the day we decorate the tree.

This is the one I bought Clara last year.

These two I bought this year. I usually don't care about birthstones (because I never liked mine), but I thought about the girls' when I chose these angels.  Clara's is topaz (light blue) and Audrey's is Opal (kind of a pearly-pink).  When I brought them home I let Clara look at them and choose which would be hers and which Audrey's, and she chose the blue one for herself, which is good because that's how I'll remember which is who's!

This one doesn't come across as pink in the picture, but it's a bit of a pearly-opaly-pink.

While the girls are small, we won't try to have our special Christmas tree/piano photo shoot necessarily on that day, but in the future this might be a fun thing to incorporate as well.  I'm sure that as they get older it will only get harder to find days to do these things, so planning them all on one day might be the easiest thing to do.

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