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Monday, 24 December 2012 15:36

Christmas Traditions - December

Here are a list of ideas for things to do in December leading up to Christmas. Some of these we do, or have done, and some I hope to do as the kids get older. More details can be found on my Massive Christmas Ideas list on my lists page. 

Watch Christmas Movies: I started collecting a list of movies, and they can be found on my Christmas Ideas List.  Let me know if I'm missing any great ones! We love watching movies - our Christmas tradition for the past few years has been to watch 'Love Actually', but that's not exactly appropriate for children... I thought maybe one year (when both girls are old enough to stay up late every night) we could do a movie advent calendar and watch a different movie each night.


Advent Calendars: There are a million different ideas for advent calendars to use through the month of December, and there are a lot I'd like to try at least once. I especially like the type that includes an activity for each day like making cookies or chocolates, drinking hot chocolate or making Christmas decorations.  There is a more complete list on my idea list also.

Other activities that could go with an advent calendar, or just on their own include making Gingerbread houses, driving around looking at Christmas lights, going Christmas caroling, doing a Christmas scavenger hunt.

While I was looking for ideas, I came across a few awesome and unique ideas that I really want to try sometime. They included:

  • Bake cookies with friends and deliver them to a nearby fire department or police department. My church did something similar to this one year, and it was great! It never occurred to me to do this personally in your neighborhood, but what a great idea! I found this idea at Heart of a Homemaker. 
  • A Reading party! I know this is nerdy, but you invite a bunch of friends and grab a bunch of books and read them all aloud. This reminds me of being in gradeschool and sitting in the Library 'pit' while the Librarian read to all of us. I enjoyed it... This would work for a short chapter book also with older kids. I found that idea at Super Mommy or Not.
  • The Mini-Van Express - you hide 'golden tickets' in your children's bed one night for a Pyjama-clad journey to drive around the city looking at Christmas lights.  I love the surprise aspect of this idea - so much fun! I found this idea at Confessions of a Homeschooler where they suggest also coming home to drink hot chocolate together.  You could also bring travel mugs of hot chocolate... Nummy! 
  • Practice receiving gifts.  This isn't necessarily a really 'fun' idea, but it would be a good way to teach your children how to be and act grateful for items.  I read about a family that would play a game that involved giving each other 'gifts' that they found around the house.  The receiver would have to say something nice about the gift, and the giver would explain their reasons for chosing a certain item.  For example - the giver would choose a piece of ripped paper with blue on it because the receiver loves the colour blue. The receiver would say 'Thank You' and say they loved the shape of the rip, or that they couldn't wait to use it to make a collage or something... just an idea.  I don't remember where I read this, but if it's you - let me know and I'll link to your website!

I always want to include some kind of donating or charity work around the holidays for my kids to learn that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.  I kind of failed on this one this year (and last year...), so hopefully I'll actually do something like this in the future...

Food! There are some baking items that I have done every year (except this year, because I haven't done ANY baking - it kind of stresses me out, I'm so disappointed in myself) but I hope to have a few things that people can count on me for. 

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