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Thursday, 03 January 2013 21:25

My Wild Child

This is my wild child, who obviously dislikes having her hair brushed. Obviously we (at least occasionally) oblige. 

For the most part, Clara is actually a mostly well-behaved child. She sits fairly well in church for at least 20 minutes or so, as long as we have a few quiet toys for her, or a colouring book.  She takes decent care of her toys, and doesn't rip books.  She has been instructed that stickers only go on paper and skin (who hasn't wanted the occasional sticker on their nose or forehead?) and rarely do I find them anywhere else - even after she has had unsupervised access to stickers. We have had a couple colouring-on-the-wall incidents, but she hadn't been told before the first time, and it was at least three months between the two incidents, so she could have forgotten... 

Lately, we have had an issue with bedtime. 

She goes to bed quite well, and we have a predictable routine for her.  We always warn her ahead of time that it will be bedtime in 'N' minutes, or at the end of a particular play period.  We have her change into jammies, brush her teeth, read a story, go potty, say goodnight to Audrey (who is hopefully napping peacefully in her bassinette at this time), prayer time, kisses goodnight and then lights out.  This is always the same, and she goes through these motions knowingly and with little struggle.

After the door closes is when it begins.

She tantrums.

She yells out "I have to pee!" and "I have to poop!" and "I don't want to nap!" all in the same breath. 

And cries, and cries, and cries...

We have NEVER gone soft on this point.  She has NEVER been allowed to get up after she has gone to bed, except to go straight to the potty and back, and even that we don't allow easily if we are quite sure she is just claiming to have to pee to get out of bed.  She has never had more storytime, or a nice happy chat time with Mommy or Daddy - we have remained no-nonsense at bedtime, and yet she persists. 

Why does she do this? Is this a phase she will eventually get through? It's been weeks already, and has only gotten worse. Should we simply continue as we have, and eventually the consistency will win over and she will stop tantruming? 

Has anyone else experienced this?

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