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Thursday, 10 January 2013 11:22

I Need An Active Plan!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the amount of activity Clara is getting.  My goal after Christmas to simply eliminate a lot of her TV watching, but after getting used to the break I get when she's zombied in front of the TV, I've found it much to easy to slip back into letting her watch an endless amount.  Like, when I'm backed up on housework or other tasks, or when Audrey is sick, or when I'm fighting sickness myself and feeling absolutely exhausted... so far I've only had about three days since Christmas where one of these things hasn't been going on. 

So, I think what I need to do is have an active plan for what TO do, as opposed to simply telling myself what NOT to do.  I need to fill that space with something, and it wouldn't hurt for me to get off my butt either.

After some online research, it seems as though everyone's 'great idea' for children getting exercise is to get outside and just let them play.  That works great for 4-5 months in Saskatchewan, but that leaves me with at least 7 months of too-cold-to-go-outside.  That isn't strictly true, but it is certainly too cold for an infant to be outside - at least for this winter - and I'm not ready to leave Audrey in the house while Clara and I go outside and play.  So there area few stretches of time during the week when Brian or I COULD take Clara outside during daylight hours (which only last until about 6 or 7pm these days), but lately it has been quite cold so it's been difficult to organize ACTUALLY going outside during those times. 

So I need to find some options for keeping Clara active in the house. 

I need help! 

I've been looking for some indoor-friendly action songs or games, and I have a couple but not much.  I feel like there are probably a ton that I'm not remembering from my childhood.  Also, if I DO resort to tv, does anyone know of any good 'active' shows? I seem to remember the Elephant Show from my childhood being somewhat encouraging of watchers to get up and dance along... maybe I'm remembering that wrong.  Does anyone have any great ideas for me?

As far as games go, I think she's a bit too young for Simon Says, and our house is small so 'running' games are out of the question.  

I would like to find some playgroups around where I could take Clara to run around, but I'm waiting for Audrey to be 100% better before I start dragging her all over the city.  I would also like to take Clara swimming again (we haven't gone to a pool in almost a year), but it's extremely expensive around here, and I don't think I'm brave enough to go alone with an infant and a toddler just yet.  I think the biggest downside of not having a vehicle regularly has been that I haven't gotten used to taking the girls out (or even just Clara before Audrey was born), and now I'm scared to do it.  

So please - I need insight here - how do you keep your kids active in a relatively small house when you really don't have the option of going outside? 

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