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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 12:09

Christmas Stresses

Do not misinterpret this blog entry - I love Christmas, mostly.

However, when you are the oldest in all of your families, and all of your grandparents are still in the habit of picking either the 25th or the 26th of December on which to have their Christmas gatherings and because you are married you have five sets of said grandparents, and because you have a child EVERYONE wants you to be at each gathering so they can see the baby.... well, it gets a bit crazy around the holidays.

In addition to our five sets of Grandparents, we have our own parents who - due to the fact that they are now grandparents themselves - would like to host a Christmas gathering for their families also.

If we intend to spend a day with our own immediate family, we are juggling at LEAST 8 different family 'days' into only a few days of holiday.

Again, not to come across wrong - I do love Christmas, and I am so grateful for all of the family we have, but sometimes I just want to hide under a rock!

The past couple of years have made me seriously evaluate my priorities when it comes to Christmas, and make my choices based on these. 

Firstly, I believe that Christmas is an extremely 'un-Christian' holiday as we celebrate it today.  We focus a LOT on consumerism and end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary items just for the fun of it.  Unfortunately for me, I have a lot of fond feelings of attachment toward this type of Christmas, so I don't really want to let it go... In order to make myself feel better, I have resolved to make the 'Christian' part of the holiday the most important part - which involves, for us, attending the Christmas Eve service at church, as well as doing everything I can to teach my children the story of Jesus' birth.

Secondly, I am selfishly deciding that I want an entire day to spend with my husband and children (when our descendents become plural).  One whole day, no exceptions.

Thirdly, our parents have earned their 'Grandparent' status, and they are next on our line of priorities.  As long as it doesn't conflict with our own time with our kids, we will plan to spend a day with each set of parents. 

After that, if it's possible to attend our Grandparent gatherings (that's Great-Grandparents for our daughter), we will.  Although the way I'm feeling this week, I'd almost like to cut them all out...

Oh well.  I'm looking around my house at strewn toys and tissue paper and wishing I had the energy to get off my butt and do something about it, but I think I will say 'maybe later' and, well... maybe i'll get to it later.

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