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Friday, 08 March 2013 14:30

I Guess You Get What You Pay For?

The other day, when I took Clara to the play area at a local store, she located a couple of Disney Princess finger puppets and carried them around with her for almost the entire time we were there.

About three days ago, I went online to the Disney store website to price out some of their Disney Princess figurines since Clara is becoming more and more interested in the Disney Princess characters and after watching her at the store this week, I think she would really love them. Also, Easter is coming, and I was trying to think of some small-ish toys (instead of candy) that I could use to fill plastic Easter eggs.

I was excited to discover that sets of Disney Princess figurines (they call them 'play sets' on the website), where very reasonably priced at only $12.50/set and if you purchased two or more, they were only $10/each. So I filled up my cart and went to check out, only to discover that on an approximately $40 order, I would be paying about $35 in shipping to Canada.

WHAT??? It's not like we're overseas here, people! We live closer to where these items were shipped from than some states! 

I gave up on the Disney site for the moment, and started looking on Canadian sites -, etc. - but when I found the same sets of toys, they were $25-30 each, which actually made them more expensive than simply paying for shipping on the Disney site. 

Sigh. In the end, I sent the Disney store a cranky email complaining about the exhorbitant shipping cost but purchased on their site anyway.  I made my order a bit smaller, just because I didn't want to spend TOO much, and ordered three sets: A set of Disney Princesses (#2, according to the site), Winnie The Pooh, and The Lion King.

I'm sure it was only a few days ago that I ordered these, and today they arrived! I couldn't believe how quickly they came! 

Then, of course, I had to pay an extra $12 COD at the door... 

Oh well - next time I'll have to simply factor in that for me - living in far away Canada - prices on the Disney site are actually just over double what they are on the site - because I'll probably order from them again.

*I should note that I did get an emailed response from the Disney site, but it was obviously a cut-and-paste from their shipping policy which didn't even answer my question to them. 

So, if I were reviewing the Disney Store (which I'm not, really), I would have to say that their prices are insane, their customer service is pretty bad, but I'll buy from them anyway, because I don't really have a choice. And Clara will love these toys...

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