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Thursday, 11 April 2013 12:47

Take My Dress Away?

Clara's latest movie obsession is Cinderella. I had found a small Polly-Pocket-like Cinderella doll lying around my house - I think someone had left it behind at some point - and when I gave it to her, she carried it around with her everywhere for days. Then, because I seem to be unable to stop myself from compulsively buying movies (439 was our latest DVD/BluRay count, I believe...), I bought her 'Cinderella' on BluRay.

So now, this is her favourite movie to watch - luckily for us she occasionally still enjoys some of her old favourites like The Lion King and now Nanny McPhee - and her favourite scene is the one shown in the image above.

Cinderella has just discovered the beautiful dress that the animals have surprised her with so that she can go to the ball after all. She excitedly runs downstairs to join her step-mother and step-sisters, and they jealously tear her dress apart, leaving her alone and despairing while they continue to the ball. 

I have no idea how Clara processes what happens in this scene, but I find it disturbing that she seems to love it so much.  She has a number of dress-up dresses that she loves to wear around the house, and will even create necklaces out of random ribbons and long purses so that she can be a 'princess' like Cinderella. Then she will come up to whoever is around and ask 'You take mine dress away?' or 'You take mine necklace away?'. 

My response to this is, 'No, we don't take dresses or necklaces away, because that is a very mean thing to do' or something like that. I find the idea that she is obsessed with imagining someone ripping her clothes apart completely disturbing. 

As a child, I was exposed to many inappropriate things and was victimized in a number of ways, which makes it impossible for me to see this from an innocent perspective. I honestly wish I could just laugh it off, but it really bothers me. Should I be concerned about this? Is my daughter wanting to be a bully in this scenario and does she enjoy what the mean sisters do, or does it mean absolutely nothing? 

In the meantime, I will continue to turn down her requests to 'take her dress away' or to 'take her necklace away' and tell her that this is a very mean thing to do... and try not to let it bother me so much.

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