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Thursday, 19 January 2012 08:58

'Poo Free' Day 18

For the first couple of days of not using shampoo, my hair looked beautiful - although it still felt greasy - so I was encouraged to continue with the baking soda routine.  After a few days, it began to look greasier - although still not nearly as greasy as it would if I had simply stopped washing my hair.  I had been warned by various blogs that some people experience a sort of 'detox' period, and so after about a week I was far enough into the regime to back out and too stubborn to reconsider.

It has now been two and a half weeks.  I have started to wash my hair less often - once every other day, instead of once a day.  My hair still seems greasy to me, but I discovered that if I rinse my hair while scrubbing (baking soda seems to be hard to completely rinse free) for long enough - it makes a difference.

So, for now I continue because the lack of toxins from commercial shampoos and conditioners is logically the healthier choice for my hair, and although my hair is not (yet?) beautifully clean feeling, I'm still waiting out the detox period and hopefully it will sort itself out.  It is also MUCH cheaper than hunting for an effective product at $8-$15/bottle...

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