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Thursday, 08 August 2013 08:00

Sometimes We Eat Boys...

...And other conversations with a toddler.

The other morning, as Clara and I were eating breakfast, we began discussing the kinds of food we eat:

Clara: Animals are yummy!

Me: Yes, some animals are yummy. 

Clara: We eat them.

Me: Yes, some animals we eat - but not all animals. We eat chickens...

Clara: Yep.

Me: And cows... and fish.

Clara: Yummy!

Me: But we DON'T eat cats. Or dogs.

Clara: We eat monkeys!

Me: No, we don't eat monkeys...

Clara (whispering): Sometimes... we eat boys!

I burst out laughing here, and told her that no, we do NOT eat boys or any other people!

One day last week, as we were walking to the store, I was teaching Clara about the dangers of traffic and how to watch out for cars before crossing the street.  As we reached the opposite sidewalk - just before Clara took off walking ahead of me and the stroller - she turned to me in irritation and said "Mom, God's taking care of me." This stopped me in my tracks, and I said "Yes... yes he is..." and as she ran ahead on the sidewalk I heard her yell back "He's right behind me!"

On the drive home from Alberta a couple of weeks ago, Audrey started fussing during the last stretch of the ride. After a few minutes, Clara became annoyed and started yelling "Audrey, stop crying!... Audrey!... Stop crying!"

Then, after a few moments of silence, we hear: "Audrey, I have a message for you.... STOP CRYING!!!"

I have no idea where she gets these things...

A while ago, we overheard Clara singing a song that sounded suspiciously like 'Jesus Loves the Little Children', but we couldn't really understand any words except 'Jesus Loves...'  Since she goes to children's church without us, we knew it was possible that she had learned a song we didn't know, so we asked her about it. 

"Clara, who does Jesus love?"

"Chocolate Cereal!!!"

And, just for fun, here is the conversation she's having - mostly with herself - right now  

Clara: Daddy will come back.

Me: Yes, Daddy will come back after work.

Clara: He will come back with a guy... Probably right.  And he will drive the boat. That's so nice of him... so nice, that's so nice. He has his keys, and he'll lock a door. Probably right, he'll lock a door... that's so nice.

Clara (continuing after a few seconds): And my pee is very cold. Next, Audrey had a poop! She was crying and fussy! 

Random Quotes with no context that I found jotted down around the house:

"It's not eating, it's pickles!"

"Don't worry - I have a pretty bum!"

"Stop! Guys! It's not a big deal!!"

I seriously have no idea where some of this stuff comes from...


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