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Monday, 29 July 2013 11:05

Audrey at 9 Months!

Dear Audrey,

You have now been 'outside' as long as you were 'in', to quote the cliche.  Not much has changed in the past few weeks with you; you still haven't sprouted any teeth and you're still sleeping (poorly) in the playpen in our bedroom. Although I don't think it's bothering you at all...

We're down to breastfeeding only three times a day, except over night when you still wake every 2-3 hours because I think you've gotten used to cuddling in bed with us.  When Clara was an infant, I learned quickly when she was crying for a need, or just a want, but you didn't fuss or cry nearly as much as she did and we haven't been able to focus as exclusively on you as we did on her, so I felt completely at a loss to determine when you were crying for a 'need', or a 'want', and even now I don't feel as though I can really tell the difference. In the past month or two, you have developed more of an opinion on things, and are definitely crying for more than you ever did before - I think this indicates that you've realized that you can, and you're starting to learn how your actions affect your surroundings. ie - you're learning how to get your way, which is scary for us.

You still don't crawl, but you can move around on your butt, and sometimes it seems as though you've figured out how to get from Point A to Point B deliberately that way. You also slide yourself backwards on your belly with your arms. You have the strongest arm muscles, and when you've grabbed on to something, it's nearly impossible to pry your fingers away. 

Yesterday, your Daddy lifted you up above the shower curtain rod while Clara was bathing to entertain her, and you grabbed on to the rod and wouldn't let go. Your Dad laughed about having gotten you stuck on the ceiling... 

Last weekend we went on your first ever significant road trip, and you surprised us with being a pretty good traveller. You fussed for the last hour of the trip on the way there, and maybe the last two hours on the way home, but for a 7+ hour drive, we thought that was pretty good. 

You seem to be fearless. Maybe you are just too young to realize the danger in anything, but so far you are scared by nothing. Large dogs can come up and lick your face, and you only giggle while your sister runs in terror. Animals especially seem to fascinate you - you giggle and laugh whenever the cat comes close to you.

I'm still convinced I see a bit of curl in your hair on the back of your head, despite what everyone else says...  

I have to apologize to you for the state of your baby book. Where Clara's has notes written in the margins, yours is nearly empty, and I'm so sorry. I never intended to neglect documenting your life, but it just happened that way, despite my great intentions. Please know that I love you just as much, and I am just as interested in every move you make and every noise and giggle - I just can't seem to find the time while chasing both of you to stop and write it down.  

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