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Tuesday, 30 July 2013 13:01

Family Photo Shoot

For the first two years of Clara's life, we inadvertently followed a pattern with our photo-taking. We had infant photos taken of her, as well as family photos of the three of us, at her 1 week 'birthday'.  Then in June, we went to a park and had pictures of Clara taken again, as well as some family photos of the three of us.  At Christmas that year, Brian took some photos of our little family in our living room in front of the Christmas tree. The next year, we again had photos taken in summer, and when Audrey was born in October we had her infant photos taken when she was 1 week old. 

Looking back at this spring/fall/spring/fall family photos pattern, we decided to continue this into the future. 

So far we had been blessed by a friend of ours who did our both of our girls' infant shoots as a baby gift to us, and she was also the one who had so far taken all of our summer pictures. This year, that friend was due to have a baby in June and was therefore unavailable and so we had to find another photographer. 

This same friend recommended a friend of hers - Stephanie from Retrospect Photography in Saskatoon. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter, and she also has a blog at

She met us at a park downtown, and despite the fact that our youngest daughter was not having a happy day, Steph managed to effortlessly get some wonderful shots out of our girls.

We arrived a tad late - which had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we had to stop for Starbucks on the way over (Sorry, Steph).

Clara was actually quite happy and calm, but still feeling a little bit clingy and shy, which made for this awesome photo with Daddy.

I could hardly believe how well some of our family shots turned out - Brian and I are not overly photogenic people, but Steph somehow brought out the best in us!

My girls, however, seem to be loved by the camera.  Even grouchy Audrey looked great in most of the photos. Stephanie had a few small toys and noisemakers in her camera bag to get the girls' attention when she needed to - I was impressed by how prepared she was to deal with toddlers and babies! 

 Brian hates those bright yellow sandals - anyone else think he's wrong? 

I can't at all remember what Clara was doing or saying in this picture, but it's a unique bit of personality, I thought.  I think she was trying to inch closer to the camera while Steph was trying to take the picture. 

Audrey was actually moving in this picture, if I recall correctly - I was holding her around her belly and at her crotch and 'jolly jumper-ing' her up and down. A rare smile that day, and I'm so glad Steph managed to catch it! 

I thought she was just trying to get the girls to smile for future photos, I didn't realize she was catching these moments as well. I love how many pleasant surprises I found while looking through our photos - at shots I hadn't realized she was getting. 

Like this one...

Thanks for a great day, and great photos, Steph! Check out Retrospect Photography for some great photos, and if you're in the Saskatoon area - give her a call. Her rates were extremely reasonable, and she was so accommodating. We will recommend her to anyone, and will definitely call her again in the future! 


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