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Wednesday, 07 August 2013 08:32

Sharing a Room - Take 2

The other night Brian got spontaneously motivated to move the furniture in our room around. Any configuration of furniture other than the way we had our room before leaves no room for Audrey's playpen - it just occurred to me now that this was probably his motivation entirely... 

So, Audrey's playpen can no longer be in our bedroom. 

After a weekend of having the girls sleep in the same room (with us also) at the cabin, we decided to try again to have them sleep in the same room at home. Last night was the second night, and I think - for the most part - this time it might actually 'stick'. 

The first night was shockingly good - Audrey woke up at about midnight to eat, then not again until about 4:30-4:45. Then, after I put her back in bed, she slept until Clara woke up at around 8:30. Yay! She's still certainly not sleeping through the night, but this is a definite improvement over the every-2-hours-I-need-to-wake-up-and-eat thing that she was doing before. 

I have no tricks here - the first night we put both girls down at about the same time and they fell asleep pretty quickly, and last night Audrey had just woken up from her 'extra' nap (she doesn't always nap in the evening), so she went into her crib for night about half hour later than Clara did - and this time it took them about two hours to finally fall asleep. 

If we get desperate for better sleep, we can always set up the playpen in the living room temporarily. At least if the playpen isn't in my room and I have to walk down the hall to get Audrey when she wakes, maybe I'll be less likely to bring her back into bed with us in the night. Hopefully we'll all be getting more sleep soon! 

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