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Friday, 04 October 2013 08:00

Stop Shading! And Other Quotes and Conversations from a Toddler

At the park, as we were moving a picnic table into the shade, Clara became stressed and started yelling at me to "Stop! Don't shade!". I tried to explain to her what 'shade' meant, but she got increasingly stressed, yelling "Stop shading, Mom! Stop!". It was either really scary or really embarrassing - I'm not sure which. We - the other Moms and I - found this comical so we were laughing at her a bit until she threw up her arms and said "It's not a big deal!" and ran away.

Clara was playing with her toy cash register the other day, and began scanning her face with the hand-held scanner - making it beep, and when she looked over and saw that I was watching her play, she said "I'm selling my brother." 



 And the many, many, many conversations she likes to have about poop... 

Little bit of background information, not that it's really necessary - Clara typically has a 'big one' and a 'little one' when she poops.  She almost always has both - to the point where, if she has one and not the other, we will wait for the other one to drop as well.  She likes to examine her poops, and make comments about them, sometimes name them and often waves 'goodbye poop!' when she flushes them down the toilet. 

The other day, as I was asking her 'where is the little one?', I hear it drop and she exclaims "It came out to be with its Daddy! The big one was its Daddy!"

How juvenile does it make me that I find these little one-liners hilarious...?

 In the midst of giggling with Brian: "Daddy makes me laugh in my mouth!!"


The other day at the kitchen table, she said "ROAAARRR!" Which isn't unusual - she 'Roar's' occasionally. It's just a thing. But then, she said "I went 'Roar!' because I was smelling... and smelling is VERY banana..."



Lately, her favourite thing in the world is singing - particularly 'Part of Your World' (I kept writing 'A Whole New World' accidentally, which really sounds similar - so confusing!!! Anyway...) from The Little Mermaid.  My first uploaded YouTube video... This is hilarious...


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