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Monday, 12 August 2013 14:29

32 Months and Counting

I found this list of milestones on, and thought it would be interesting to go through the charts from 18 months to 36 months to see what Clara is or is not yet able to do. I've found that sometimes I miss documenting things, because it didn't occur to me that she was doing something at all noteworthy, so lists like this are handy sometimes when writing down what she can do...

At 32 months, Clara can:

  • Use a spoon and fork - she has been eating with utensils since about 18-20 months, and is actually a really neat eater. I didn't realize this until I was babysitting another 18-20 month old girl who got food in her ears, in her hair and all over the kitchen floor.  A friend of mine confirmed that for a toddler - Clara is really good at keeping her face and clothes clean while she eats. Which is good, because I'm afraid of all things sticky...
  • Speak mostly intelligibly, and can carry on long conversations with multiple sentences.
  • Wash and dry her hands by herself, provided she can reach the sink, soap and towel.  I was taught years ago that children shouldn't brush their own teeth until they are quite a bit older than Clara, so we don't let her brush her own teeth, but she can brush and rinse her teeth by herself after we have made sure they have all been scrubbed. 
  • Give us enough notice when she needs to pee that we hardly ever have accidents anymore. About once or twice a week, she has a dollar-sized spot in her panties, but it has been months since she has had any more of an accident than that. 
  • Dress and undress herself - most of the time. Shirts can be tricky, and anything with buttons she can't do up herself - but that's because they're typically on the back. We get things backwards and inside out frequently, but she'll get there.
  • Walk up and down stairs - this one wouldn't be worth noting, except that she was pretty late doing this, so it's still a new skill. She still avoids stairs, or has to hang on to the railing. 
  • Do her Nemo 24-piece jigsaw puzzle

Some of the other things I'll have to test her on over the next few weeks, because I don't know how many blocks she can stack or how many body parts she can name. 

Dearest Clara,

After re-reading last month's letter to you, I'm happy to say that things are going much better for you and I.  We are still struggling with some behavior issues that we're not entirely sure how to handle, but we're impressed with you much more often than we are confused or disappointed.

We went to the lake a couple of weeks ago, and stayed in Grandma's cabin.  Even though your schedule was thrown off, you handled the transition beautifully. You slept wonderfully in the cabin, and although you didn't use the outhouse, you were happy to use your old portable potty.  You were so happy, and had so much fun playing with some of my cousins. 

You have become more affectionate in the last few weeks, and I'm loving that so much. You will come up and hug me, or cuddle on my lap, for no particular reason and although sometimes I have to deter you because I'm dealing with Audrey or cooking supper, I try to take advantage of it as much as I can.  You haven't been a very touchy person for most of your life, so I cherish every voluntary hug from you!

I think you are starting to outgrow your naps, which is hard for me because I love that bit of quiet time in the afternoon. Some days you will sing to yourself in your room and I will eventually decide that naptime can be over. Sometimes that backfires on me, and you're inconsolably difficult by supper time, but most of the time you are ok until just about bedtime. 

Our biggest challenge with you right now is at bedtime. After you have been tucked in and we have closed your bedroom door, you will yell that you need to go potty. Then, when we take you to the potty, you will sit there and chatter to us, completely forgetting about your need to pee. It's extremely irritating, because when we try to take you off the toilet, you cry that you need to pee - but then you never do. We don't want to assume that you're lying the first time you call out from your bedroom (even though I think you usually are), but we don't want to indulge this clever method you have concocted to stay up later at night.  Also, now that Audrey is sleeping in the crib every night, we hate when you yell and keep her up, but we don't really want to go back to having you in separate rooms... 

One day a couple of weeks ago, I made you playdough in 6 different colours. Then, I set aside my OCD and just let you play with it. I wanted to try to stop you from mixing the colours, but I didn't. I was very proud of myself that day...  

I'm still not very good at actively keeping you entertained, but you're getting a lot better at playing with toys by yourself.  You even play 'with' Audrey, by talking to her while you're playing and giving her toys to involve her in your play.  Every so often your toys use Audrey as a trampoline, but for the most part you're really gentle with her. 

You're finally getting old enough to bribe! :)

I mean... if we're going out somewhere - to the mall, or to your Grandparents' houses - it is starting to become effective to tell you that the consequence of bad behavior is to go home. We never make that threat unless we are willing to follow through, but so far we haven't had to. We also don't make that threat if going home might be exactly what you would like to do.  On more than one occasion, we have been happily surprised by how well you behaved during an all-day outing. 

I'll probably say this in anything I ever write to you - but you're growing up so unbelievably fast, I can hardly keep up.  You talk more like a child than like a toddler these days, and you say the most hilarious things.  I grow increasingly fascinated by the little person you are becoming, and I'm excited to get to know you better each day that goes by. 

I love you to bits, my big girl! 

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