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Monday, 19 August 2013 16:31

Keeping Up With Baby Books

This post should actually be called 'Neglecting Baby Books', because that's what I've been doing lately. 

Dear Future Audrey: I'm so, so, SOOO sorry...

I had such good intentions when I purchased Audrey's baby book. I knew that it was possible that I would forget some things, and that I might miss entering bits of information because I might be a little bit more busy, or a little bit distracted, or Audrey might just do things differently making it impossible to keep track of things in exactly the same way that I kept track of all of Clara's milestones. I knew that the information I documented for each of them might end up being different, so I deliberately bought a different baby book when I was pregnant with Audrey, than the one I am using for Clara. 

I was right that it would be different, but I don't think even different baby books can hide the glaring difference in the amount of writing that is in each book. Here are some photos of Clara's:

Clearly each section isn't packed full of writing - I answered each question or prompt, and sometimes there just wasn't more than a sentence or two.  However, if I had some note or thought about something even slightly related to the questions or prompts on one page, I would add notes wherever possible - like, on the picture at left. 

For Clara, we had her weight marked for each month of her life - except 11 months.  This is what Audrey's weight/length page looks like:

And in case that isn't clear... I'll zoom in for you.

Audrey - I'm. So. Sorry.

And, although her 'Baby's Sixth Month' page is actually quite full of information, here is 'Baby's Seventh Month' page... 

I am a terrible mother.


That was the Ninth month page, and I should already be working on 'Baby's Tenth Month', but that page is so far blank as well.  Luckily, I've been keeping fairly updated with this blog and have been posting monthly about her growth.  At some point, I intend to sit down and transfer some of the blog information to her baby book - and to go through Clara's baby book for additional ideas (Clara's book has many more specific questions and prompts, which makes it easier to keep track of things, I think) so that I can go back into Audrey's book and fill in some of these blanks. 

These are my intentions, but we all know how good intentions can sometimes go. 

I find it a little bit hilarious that I was so determined to not fall behind on Audrey's baby book just because she was the second child, and to not take any fewer pictures of her - but it happened, despite my best intentions.  Am I alone, or are there other mothers out there who found it more difficult to keep track of information after their first child? Please tell me I'm not the only one... 

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