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Friday, 23 August 2013 08:56

Coming Home

Last weekend, our girls each spent some quality time with family and friends while we spent our evening away.  Clara has demonstrated in the past how she doesn't mind being away from us over night, but I was especially pleased with how Audrey reacted.  She has become increasingly clingy - especially with me - so I wasn't sure how she would handle an entire night away.

She handled it beautifully, and although she seemed a little surprised in the morning when it wasn't me who came to get her from her crib, she didn't act out in any way because of it. 

It has become a bit of a tradition in my family to pick up a small souvenir or treat for your children when you go away for awhile, so we decided not to return to our daughters empty handed.  We walked past a cupcake shop and HAD to pick up a cupcake for each of the girls.

I'm pretty sure this was actually a happy face...

Pretty cupcake... 

I wish I'd taken a picture. We got Clara a regular sized cupcake with strawberry icing, and Audrey a mini cupcake also with strawberry icing.  Brian cut Audrey's cupcake into quarters and gave her one piece at a time, which was good because at least two of the pieces ended up hitting the floor. 

Audrey is old enough now that when Clara is given something, Audrey notices intently, and wants whatever her sister has also. This means Audrey has been introduced to things like ice cream and cupcakes much earlier than her sister was, because we don't have the heart to make her watch while her sister has a treat.  Sometimes this is sad, because whatever Clara is given is not always appropriate for Audrey, so we try to do or give her something to make her feel included.  

I think they were happy to be home. :)

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