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Monday, 26 August 2013 21:30

Audrey at 10 months!

It's hard to believe so much time has gone by, and yet - I remember feeling this way when Clara was about this age - it also feels as though Audrey has always been with us, and it's hard to imagine life before she was here. 

Dear Audrey,

      You still have no teeth, although you've been needing some tylenol to sleep every night and you have been soaking three shirts a day in drool so I'm expecting at least one tooth to come poking through your gums any day now.  

      You are eating more and more - it's no longer cost effective to just feed you store bought baby food anymore - and you're eating a much greater variety of things also. We try to feed you things with spices so that hopefully you'll be used to different flavours from the beginning.  You have been eating a lot of 'Baby Gourmet' brand foods, which include a lot of vegetables in your diet.  You've dealt with a bit of constipation, so we give you a Vegetable Lentil baby food meal every two or three days - hopefully it helps.  You're still breastfed about three times each day - first thing in the morning, at lunch time and right before bed, but even this doesn't always seem to be enough - often you will appear hungry again immediately after you've breastfed so I will also give you some formula or even cow's milk, which I've come to believe is probably fine for most babies to drink. 

Just have to point out those crazy long and curled baby eyelashes! Your Nana just informed me that she doesn't wear mascara because then she gets streaks on her glasses - man, that's gotta suck... :p

      You show a huge amount of emotion every day, and it strikes me particularly when you're experiencing one of your 'highs'. You don't really have 'lows', I guess, although you have learned how to complain when things aren't going quite your way, which usually only happens when we don't feed you fast enough.  Your 'highs' are hysterical, however.  You get so excited, your entire body convulses and you shreek and wiggle, and seem as though you're about to explode pure joy.  You still have this sadistic way of laughing whenever Clara cries, which still has me a bit concerned... 

       You are officially sleeping through the night!!! It's been long enough, I think I can really say that! A few weeks ago, Brian decided to rearrange our bedroom furniture so that the playpen no longer fit.  We went camping for a weekend, and you and Clara shared a room and when we got back, we just decided to have you continue to share a room - whatever happened. It took a few nights, but you seemed to be instantly more comfortable in your crib and right from the beginning you were waking up only two or three times a night (this was good for you!), and soon you were waking up only at about midnight and then again at about 3:30 or 4. After about a week of that, you started waking up only at midnight... and for the past few nights, you have been sleeping from about 8 or 9pm until about 8 or 9am. I could dance, I'm so happy... 

     Your nap pattern is also becoming more consistent. You are usually pretty sleeping first thing in the morning, and I just focus on feeding you as much as possible for breakfast before putting you down for an early morning nap. If I let you, you will sleep for about two hours and wake up again sometime before lunch. I have been trying to match your afternoon nap with Clara's, which doesn't always work and depends a lot on when you woke up from your morning nap and what we have going on that day. I'd love it if you would nap in the stroller, or lying on the floor at church, but you can't seem to sleep if there's anything going on around you. Although somehow you and Clara will sleep through each other's noises at night - if she wakes up screaming, you don't anymore, and if you cry before finally falling asleep, she will fall asleep anyway. 

You're still not crawling, but in the past few days you have started moving yourself forward.  You had been scooting backwards on your belly by pushing your arms out toward you and sliding yourself along the floor, and I've seen you scoot around on your bum, but you finally seem to be figuring out how to crawl.  You also push your bum up into the air with your feet on the floor (not your knees), and you'll hover there for a few seconds, so I think you know that you somehow have to lift your body up in order to move forward more efficiently.  I know I'll regret saying this, but I'm excited for you to actually start moving on your own!

It's possible I'm just driving people crazy with me, but I've had a number of people in the past week admit to seeing curls on the back of your head.  Your Dad had a stripe of curls along the back of his head when he was a baby - blonde hair too - and now he has a head full of thick dark curls. I hope for your sake that your hair isn't quite as thick or curly as his, but I'm excited for curls for you. I always wished my hair had some curl...  

     You have these creepy Monkey arms that always reach about a foot further away from you than I expect them to. The photo above is of you holding the Nikon camera that Brian has on loan from work, and I swear it was sitting on the center of the kitchen table - at least 2 feet away from you. I turned my back for a second, and you've got it on your lap in the high chair. I am unbelievably grateful that it didn't hit the floor between the table and high chair... I'm also really impressed that you were able to lift it - it weighs just about as much as you do...

     As much as I really want to help you avoid an excessive sweet tooth, I can't seem to stop myself sometimes from giving you (and Clara) sweets.  And you are getting things much earlier than she did, because you are old enough now to see what she is eating - and want it as well! 

     Despite having had a 10-month-old before, I can't help but be surprised at the amount of personality I am seeing in you lately. You are easy going and content most of the time, and although you are usually quiet, there are times when you jabber loudly to yourself or to us - too loud for anyone else to have a conversation around you. And your response to a 'Ssshhh!!!'? You just grin and keep on jabbering.  You are playful, and even a little mischevious, I think.  

     You handle being separated from anyone or everyone in your immediate family really well - but at the same time, you behave as though you are still physically a part of me - you butt your head up against me and nuzzle in - and you also act as though you know you belong with your sister. And your Daddy is still your favourite pop star. :)

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