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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 16:01

My My Little Ponies

I think at one time or another, I had each 'My Little Pony' in this photo.  Sweetberry, in the top right, looks just like my first pony, which I received as an Easter gift when I was two... maybe three years old. Merry Go Round and Candy Cane, I had named 'Lois' and 'Sharon' from my favourite children's performer group - Sharon, Lois and Bram.  It's possible I was a bit too young, but I don't recall watching a TV show as a child, although I'm told there was one. I didn't know the 'correct' names of the ponies, nor would I have cared - I called them what I wanted, and loved playing with them! 

For a couple years in my childhood, my Dad would buy me one pony each month - as my 'allowance' of sorts. I can remember walking into the town drug store, where they kept a small collection of toys - just down the first aisle and to the right, and picking out a pony for that month. I have one single image of this event in my memory, although I've been told that it happened repeatedly. I also don't recall which ponies I received new, and which we found at garage sales (there were many), and unfortunately I no longer have most of them. 

As someone who grew up with the 'original' My Little Ponies, I can't seem to get used to what they look like now. Their eyes and ears are too big, and their legs are too thin.  They look less 'soft' than the ponies I grew up with, and I kind of miss that. 

Although I can't help but be a little bit excited by the fact that my daughter is now interested in My Little Ponies - just like I was at her age.  I wish I could call my Dad - who bought me all of the Ponies I had as a child, and tell him that Clara loves them now too. I think he might have gone to the store immediately to buy her one especially from him. 

I found this 25th Birthday collector set, and I kind of want to find it for myself Clara for Christmas. They're a little bit modernized, but they look a lot closer to the friendly Ponies I remember. 

Clara's not as interested in the My Little Pony TV show as she is in the toys, and maybe - like I was - she is just too young for that yet. As far as girls' toys go, though, I love My Little Ponies - even the new ones. 

So many of our childhood characters have 'come back' - My Little Pony is just one example. Some of the toys many of us knew and loved never really went away - like Barbies and Hot Wheels.  What were your favourite 'classic' toys, and have they returned, or do you hope they do for your own kids? Are there any toys from your childhood that you think should remain in the decade they came from (and not return)?

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