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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 08:00

Here is What You Missed...

My blog has been down on and off for the past few weeks - sadly.  This is what happens when your husband is your tech guy and he works too many jobs to make your blog a priority. :(

Anyway, since three weeks ago - September 10th - here is what has been happening in our lives...

I discovered Zulily, and our first order - these $10 sparkly shoes - arrived in the mail.  Clara was so excited, she wore them in the house (not a typical practice) until bedtime when I finally persuaded her to take them off. 

I took a River Boat tour in our city with my family.  For those of you who follow this blog, you know that last June my Dad died after a long and horrific illness.  This year, my Grandpa's health has been declining (my Dad's Dad) to the point where some days we think we should be finalizing funeral arrangements, only to have him 'bounce back' for an indefinite period of time.  He is in his 80's, and although we all know that he will not be with us forever - he could be around for awhile yet. This same family is now struggling through the ups and downs of watching another family member in the final time of their life and it's really hard. We took my Grandma on this tour as a bit of an escape amidst all of this...

We live in a beautiful city...

Please excuse the cell-phone quality pictures.  My daughters discovered Safeway 'car carts'. And I discovered that Audrey is old enough to sit in - and really enjoy - one of these carts.  As I began moving this cart with both girls in it, Audrey grabbed her steering wheel and loudly rocked herself forward and backward in excitement. Clara decided to copy her, and for the first five minutes of every shopping trip, I have two noisy girls switching from loud yelling to girly giggling.  I get a lot of stares from other shoppers, but they're cute so I don't think they bother anyone.

The things you can get away with when you're cute. 

Clara and Audrey have really started playing together. 

Audrey usually ends up landing on her head at some point, ending their playtime together, but it's nice while it lasts. 

Audrey started pulling herself up onto things.

And from some things to other things...

We hosted a Story Time Playdate, sponsored by Mom Central Canada and Natrel Baboo.


And Clara finally fit into a size 18-24 month outfit that my aunt bought for her last year. :p

These are all terrible pictures - I apologize - just a quick overview of our September. Oh yeah - and we hit a deer, totaled a truck, bought a kitchen and then Brian lost his job...

I'll fill in some details over the next few weeks! 

Happy October!

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